Chrismas Carol

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Chrismas Carol by Mind Map: Chrismas Carol

1. Ebenezer Scrooge

1.1. An old man with a big nose, gray hair,

1.2. He live alone and have no friends

1.3. He hates Christmas and everything that has to do whit Christmas.

2. Charles Dickens

2.1. Born Charles John Huffam Dickens

2.2. 7. February 1812 - 9. June 1870

2.3. He was an English writer and social critic.

2.4. Born in Portsmouth

2.5. Aged 58

3. Jacob Marley

3.1. Scrooge visits a ghost who tells Scrooge that on the night of Dec. 25th 2019. After that night, Scrooge Changed a lot. Because He had begun to think that He had to make good use of his life before it was shipped.

4. Bob Cratchit

4.1. He works for Scrooge.

5. Tiny Tim

5.1. Scrooge visited Bob Cratchit with the ghost Jacob Marley.

5.2. Scrooge seeing how sick Tiny Tim really is.

5.3. The family can`t afford to give him medicine, because Scrooge dosen`t give Bob Cratchit a good salary.

5.4. Later ind the future, Scrooge sees that Tiny Tim is dead.

5.5. He`s Bob Cratchit son.

6. Fred

6.1. Fred is Scrooge`s nepew.

6.2. Fred Scrooge, making fun of him. Because He was the only one who didn`t like Christmas in the family.