Christmas carol

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Christmas carol by Mind Map: Christmas carol

1. Ebenezer Scrooge

1.1. Scrooge was an old man and he has a big nose and grey hair.

1.2. Scrooge was an old, angry man there hate Christmas and he hate to use his money.

2. Charles Dickens

3. Bob Cratchit

3.1. Bob Cratchit was scrooges’ clerk.

3.2. Bob was a sweet man there has a little family and he have not so many moneys.

3.3. Bob is the father to tiny Tim.

4. Jacob Marley

4.1. Marley is a ghost.

4.2. Jacob Marley was scrooge old partner.

5. Tiny Tim

6. Fezziwig

7. Fred

7.1. Fred was Scrooge nephew.

7.2. Fred has brown hair and he has a beard out whit his ears.