A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol by Mind Map: A Christmas Carol

1. Charles dickens

1.1. Novels

1.1.1. Oliver twist

1.1.2. David Copperfield

1.1.3. And lots more

1.2. Bleak House

1.3. Date of birth and death

1.3.1. He was borned February 7th 1812

1.3.2. He died June 9th 1870

2. Scrooge

2.1. He is a old grumpy man

2.1.1. Becaues he hates Christmas and doesn't join the Christmas lunch. and he talks trash about Christmas and his workes dosen´t get free on Christmas.

2.2. He has a big nose grey hair yellow eyes a black suit a walking stick and black shoes

2.3. After the ghost came did the ghost almost kill scrooge. Scrooge promised the ghost that he wouldn´t hate Christmas anymore.

2.3.1. The ghost sent Scrooge out to see his memories. That made Scrooge chance his thougt´s about Christmas.

3. A Christmas Carol is a book about a old grumpy man that hates Christmas.