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1. 1. Sentences With One Clause

1.1. a. Be Sure The Sentences Has A Subject And A Verb

1.2. b. Be Careful Of Objects Prepositions

1.3. c. Be Careful Of Appositives

1.4. d. Be Careful Of Present Participles

1.5. e. Be Careful Of Past Participles

2. 3. Sentences with multiple clause

2.1. i. Use Noun Clause Connectors Correctly

2.2. j. Use Noun Clause Connector/Subjects Correctly

2.3. k. Use Adjectives Clause Connectors Correctly

2.4. l. Use Adjectives Clause Connector/Subjects Correctly

3. 2. More sentences with multiple clauses

3.1. f. Use Coordinate Connectors Correctly

3.2. g. Use Adverb Time And Cause Connectors Correctly

3.3. h. Use Other Adverb Connectors Correctly

4. 4. Sentences with reduce clause

4.1. m. Use Reduced Adjective Clause

4.2. n. Use Reduced Adverb Clause

5. 6. Problem with subject/verb agreement

5.1. t. Make Agree After Prepositional Phrases

5.2. u. Make Agree After Expressions Of Quantity

5.3. v. Make Inverted Verbs Agree

5.4. w. Make Agree After Certain Words

6. 5. Sentences with inverted subjects and verb

6.1. o. Invert The Subject And Adverb With Question Word

6.2. p. Invert The Subject And Adverb With Place Expression

6.3. q. Invert The Subject And Adverb With Negatives

6.4. r. Invert The Subject And Adverb With Conditional

6.5. s. Invert The Subject And Adverb With Comparisons

7. 8. Problems with comparatives and superlatives

7.1. A. Form Comparatives And Superlatives Corretly

7.2. B. Use Comparatives And Superlatives Correctly

7.3. C. Use The Irreguler -Er, -Er Structure Correctly

8. 7. Problems with parallel structure

8.1. x. Use Parallel Structure With Coordinate Conjunctions

8.2. y. Use Parallel Structure With Paired Conjunctions

8.3. z. Use Parallel Structure With Comparisons

9. 10. Problems with the use of the verbs

9.1. G. Know When To Use The Past With The Present

9.2. H. Use Have and Had Correctly

9.3. I. Use The Correct Tense With The Expressions

9.4. J. Use The Correct Tense With Will And Would

10. 9. Problems with the form of the verbs

10.1. D. After Have, Use The Past Participle

10.2. E. After Be, Use The Present Participle Or The Past Participle

10.3. F. After Will, Would, Or Other The Modals, Use The Base Form Of The Verb

11. 12. Problems with Nouns

11.1. M. Use The Correct Singular Or Plural Noun

11.2. N. Distinguish Countable And Uncountable Nouns

11.3. O. Recognize Irregular Plurals Of Nouns

11.4. P. Distinguish The Person From Thing

12. 11. Problems with Passive Verbs

12.1. K. Use The Correct Form Of The Passive

12.2. L. Recognize Active And Passive Meanings

13. 14. Problems with Adjectives And Adverbs

13.1. T. Use Basic Adjectives And Adverbs Correctly

13.2. U. Use Adjectives After Linking Verbs

13.3. V. Position Adjectives And Adverbs Correctly

14. 13. Problems with Pronouns

14.1. Q. Distinguish Subjects And Object Pronouns

14.2. R. Distinguish Possessive Projectives And Pronouns

14.3. S. Check PronounReference For Agreement

15. 16. Problems with Articles

15.1. Z. Use Articles With Singular Nouns

15.2. a. Distinguish A And An

15.3. b. Make Article Agree With Nouns

15.4. c. Distinguish Specific And General Ideas

16. 15. More Problems with Adjectives

16.1. W. Recognize -Ly Adjectives

16.2. X. Use Predicate Adjective Correctly

16.3. Y. Use -Ed And -Ing Adverbs Correctly

17. 18. Problems with Usage

17.1. f. Distinguish Make And Do

17.2. g. Distinguish Like, Alike, And Unlike

17.3. h. Distinguish Other, Another, And Others

18. 17. Problems with Preposition

18.1. d. Recognize Incorrect Preposition

18.2. e. Recognize When Prepositions Have Been Omitted