Middle School vs. High School

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Middle School vs. High School by Mind Map: Middle School vs. High School

1. Size

1.1. Middle School: The middle school was about the same size as the high school, however each grade had their classes in one general hallway.

1.2. High School: Unlike the middle school, each grade has their classes located all around the school and not in one general area. This allows us to see the school more.

2. Classes

2.1. Middle School: In middle school, you did not get to choose your classes that you wanted to take. You were given a schedule and those were the courses that were needed.

2.2. High School: In high school, there are mandatory classes that have to be taken but you have a few electives to choose from. Also, you can pick honors programs and choose between college preparatory classes or technical ones.

3. Extracurricular Activities

3.1. Middle School: The middle school had a few clubs and there was sports to join. There were also programs to sign up for such as the talent show.

3.2. High School: A big difference in the high school is that there is a bigger variety of clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities to choose from.

4. Responsibility

4.1. Middle School: Going to the middle school gave us the role of taking on responsibility. It was a harder level of school than elementary and it involved a lot of changes.

4.2. High School: There is even more responsibility needed in the high school. You are responsible for getting to your classes around the school in a certain amount of time, they stress that you are responsible for your school work, and all through high school you are responsible for your graduation project which determines if you graduate.