Opis Projektu wedle Drzewa Kompetencji.

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Competencies by Mind Map: Competencies

1. Projects?

1.1. Project

1.1.1. Project Management Roles Requirements Business Case Scope Management Change Management Quality Planning & Monitoring Estimation People Allocation Project Schedule Progress Tracking Risk and Contingency Typical Risks Stages Management Methodologies

1.1.2. Product Development Development Functional Design Technical Design Technology Context Testing Process Development Methodologies Requirements Planning Progress Tracking Documentation Strategy Task Management Test Management Process Optimization Source Control Code Quality Continuous Integration Error Reproduction Releases Unit Testing Work Environment Machines Tools & Services Workspace

1.1.3. People Management Client Relations Client Engagement Client-side Roles Relationship Manager Communication Channels Team Members & Contacts with Client Leadership Acting as a Shield Atmosphere Commitment Deadlines Learning Motivation People Evaluation Evaluation Self Development Feedback Team Structure Roles Changes

1.2. Portfolio?

1.3. Program?

2. Icons meening

2.1. Starter

2.2. Dev

2.3. QA

2.4. PM

2.5. Right Arrow

2.6. Bold font

2.7. Regular font