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Health by Mind Map: Health

1. Diagnostic and Therapeutical Tools

1.1. This section deals with the use of IT in medical diagnostics, for example the use of a software to control the X-Ray Machines, and the use of IT in Surgery, prosthetic devices, diagnostic technology, rehabilitation, patient monitoring, individualized IT solutions for disabled people, accessibility.

2. Medical Info, marketing and sales

2.1. This talks about the use of IT for general medical purposes and using IT for making health services better accessible and time efficient this section includes things such as Medical advice, e-prescriptions, telemedicine, electronic health records, international health cards.

3. Medical Research

3.1. Medical research is a huge branch, in IT development, it involves the use of IT tools to improve medical information available to human kind, this involves things like Global collaboration, database for the Human Genome Project, improving patient rehabilitation.


4. Psychological and Physical Considerations

4.1. This talks about the health related implications of using IT such as Internet addiction, repetitive strain injury (RSI), ergonomics.

4.1.1. RSI is a problem caused by repetitive use of the mouse and the keyboard.

4.1.2. Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment.


5. Article