Go For Vertical 2020

Go For Vertical 2020

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Go For Vertical 2020 by Mind Map: Go For Vertical 2020

1. What's missing in between is capability.

1.1. To systematically target market segments.

1.2. To gain access to early-stage funding.

1.3. To build robust technology.

1.4. And to successfully go to market.

2. Validate. Fund. Build. Launch.

3. Starting in January 2020, G4V will be scaling its programs to help launch many more Arizona-based startups.

4. The problem here is the "Missing Middle"

4.1. While there are resources available for early-stage startups and entrepreneurs...

4.1.1. In Tucson: Startup Tucson Tech Launch Arizona Arizona Center for Innovation

4.1.2. In Phoenix: Venture Devils Seed Spot Chandler Innovation

4.1.3. In Flagstaff: Moonshot

4.2. And there is also funding and broad institutional support for startups after they have launched, grown and scaled...

4.2.1. Funding Angel Investors Venture Capital Private Equity

5. G4V's new and extended programming lineup will fill that gap.

6. Validation.

6.1. With our new CLIMB program for committed early-stage startups, to validate their business ideas.

7. Technology.

7.1. With our SUMMIT Incubator, and hyper-lean product development using a new online version of our Vertical framework for building technology.

8. Going to Market.

8.1. With our worldwide team of over 100 industry professionals in every discipline from design and marketing to business development and sales.

9. The 2020 G4V Roadmap

9.1. Twice yearly BASECAMP+CLIMB sessions in Tucson and Phoenix.

9.2. NEW: Free, demand-driven CLIMB cohorts in Phoenix, Tucson and Sonora, Mexico.

9.3. NEW: Merit and funding-driven admission into the SUMMIT Incubator for select CLIMB graduates.

10. The Impact in 2020:


10.1.1. 50 new startup entrepreneurs trained

10.2. CLIMB

10.2.1. 100 new startup ideas validated

10.3. SUMMIT

10.3.1. 20 new tech startup launched.

10.3.2. $5M in VC raised

10.4. G4V

10.4.1. $1M in profit

11. Learning.

11.1. With BASECAMP, G4Vs education program for aspiring entrepreneurs offered in partnership with local community organizations.

12. The Ask

12.1. Invest in G4Vs crowdfunding campaign.

12.2. The proceeds will fund our 2020 plan, including a new scaleable online version of our Vertical framework.

12.3. We are seeking $1k, $5k, and $10k investments.

12.4. Terms of the raise are available on Wefunder's G4V campaign page.

13. Questions?

13.1. Contact Edward Cruz, G4V CEO and Founder

13.2. Email: [email protected]

13.3. Cell: (520) 441-2022

14. Thank you.

15. Funding.

15.1. With Go For Vertical's funding pipeline that can provide up to $1M for the startups we work with.