Abuse of Social Media By Teens

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Abuse of Social Media By Teens by Mind Map: Abuse of Social Media By Teens

1. Background

1.1. Chapter 1

1.1.1. Social media is a phenomenon that currently has a large influence in Indonesia. Social media has very large users, the distribution of users spread from the east end to the west end of Indonesia. The use of social media today is not only used as a means of socializing. Social media is often used as a means of promoting merchandise, promoting food, tourist attractions and more.

1.1.2. However, aside from the positive uses mentioned above, many social media are also used by parties who are not responsible for the interests and benefits of certain parties which cause loss or damage to other parties.

1.1.3. Cases and business hoaxes as well as expressions of hatred flourished amid the rampant political years in Indonesia. Not only by Saracen, social media is often a media for spreading hoaxes either intentionally or unintentionally by individuals .

1.2. Chapter 2

1.2.1. Social Media Understanding Social Media Social media (Social Media) is a channel or means of social interaction online in cyberspace (internet). The users of social media communicate, interact, send messages, and share, and build networks. According to Wikipedia, social media is an online media, with its users (users) can easily participate, share, and create content including blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and the virtual world. Blogs, social networks and wikis are the most common forms of social media used by people throughout the world.

1.2.2. Social networking is a site where anyone can create a personal web page, then connect with friends to share information and communicate. The biggest social networks include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter.

2. Conclusion

2.1. Social media is a channel or a means of social interaction online in cyberspace (internet). Social media users communicate, interact, send messages to each other, and share and build networks. While adolescence is a transitional period from childhood to adulthood with an age range between 12-22 years, during which the maturation process occurs both physical and psychological maturation.

3. Suggestions

3.1. As we already know, social networking has its own positive and negative impacts on its use. We as teenagers, must be very clever in sorting out how to use social networking that is good and right so that we do not fall into negative things. Social networks must be used properly and correctly. If it is used properly, there are also many positive impacts that we can get. We can also adjust the pattern of our activities, so that they can be more useful and not waste time wasting on things that are less important. We as a teenager have the main task of learning. Therefore, we must not leave our main task because it is very beneficial for us in the future. Indeed there is no written prohibition that prohibits us from accessing or playing on social networks, but it would be nice if we could do something more useful. Parents should also be able to play an active role in determining our future. Parents can supervise and guide their children with the effects of social networking. With the guidance of parents, it will reduce the negative impacts.