The Virtual Community

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The Virtual Community by Mind Map: The Virtual Community

1. Objective: It is our task--our essential, central, crucial task--to transform ourselves from mere social creatures into community creatures.

2. References in the Intro

2.1. M. Scott Peck

2.1.1. The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace stages of community formation characteristics of true community


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2.3. MicroMUSE

2.3.1. MicroMUSE is a MUD started in 1990. It is based on the TinyMUSE system, which allows members to interact in a virtual environment called Cyberion City, as well as to create objects and modify their environment.

2.4. TWICS Tokyo

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2.5. IRC

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2.6. Minitel

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2.7. MUDs

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2.8. Michel Foucault

2.8.1. Discipline and Punish Panopticon