Jacqueline's Hero Journey

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Jacqueline's Hero Journey by Mind Map: Jacqueline's Hero Journey

1. Refusal of the Call

1.1. Fear of failure in school

1.1.1. I become afraid that what I really want to do is not what they want me to do

1.1.2. I become afraid of being at school and possible obstacles

1.2. Fear of failure in doing what I love

1.2.1. I wanted to have a major in an artistic field

1.2.2. Choose to do Nutrition instead

1.3. Fear of disapproval

1.3.1. My parents have high expectations for me Have a high paying and secure job Graduate and go straight to work Study for a "practical" job

2. Ordinary world

2.1. My outlook on life...

2.1.1. Justice

2.1.2. Joy

2.1.3. Love

2.1.4. Freedom

2.1.5. Open-minded

2.2. Capabilities

2.2.1. Logical

2.2.2. Creative Painting Drawing/Sketching Short-Film Maker Graphic Design Love Music

2.2.3. Reserved

2.2.4. Analytical

3. Call to adventure

3.1. Starting to go to college

3.2. Must Support Family

3.2.1. Parents immigrated to america to give my siblings and I better opportunities

3.2.2. I owe it to them to do my best to succeed and work hard I stick to what they want I love them and am willing to do it

3.2.3. They have always provided me with what I need

4. Approach to the Inmost Cave

4.1. Anxiety about school consumes me

4.2. I believe I can not do this

5. Ordeal

5.1. I realize I have to live and keep going

5.1.1. I decide to seek help Seek therapy Work to become physically healthy again Talk to my family and loved ones for support Work to fix my situation in school Make up credits that I lost Change my major to what I enjoy

5.2. Mentally I feel I am not ready

5.2.1. I push through

6. Reward

6.1. I am able to handle college better

6.2. I am able to repair most of t he damage done to myself academically

6.3. I am learning to cope healthily

6.4. Resolve problems I had previously but chose to ignore

7. About Me

7.1. I am a hispanic woman

7.2. I love all kinds of genres of music

7.2.1. rock, punk, metal

7.2.2. rap, pop

7.3. Skills and talents

7.3.1. creative thinking

7.3.2. Can do Research

7.3.3. Big Picture Thinking

7.3.4. Adaptable and Flexible

7.3.5. Independant working

7.3.6. investigating skills

7.3.7. New Topic

8. Today

8.1. I am looking forward to succeeding Graphic design

8.2. I am now meeting with mentors

8.3. Tests/Allies/Enemies

8.3.1. Months before school started I struggled I start to do poorly in school I develop Anorexia and become very unhealthy Also began engaging in Self Harm My depression worsens Began Isolating myself from others I feel Hopeless

8.4. I am not perfect

8.4.1. I still struggle with issues

8.4.2. I refuse to fall back like I did before, I am determined

8.4.3. I will still try my best

9. Return with the Elixir

9.1. I learn that anything is surmountable

9.2. I learn to put yourself before others, as you matter too

9.2.1. I still appreciate others

9.2.2. learn that life is worth living

9.3. I learn to take risks in my life choices