Air Pollution

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Air Pollution by Mind Map: Air Pollution

1. effects

1.1. Heart Disease

1.2. Lung Cancer

1.3. Respiratory Diseases

1.4. Damage to the Nerves and other major organs

1.4.1. Potential Death

2. Causes

2.1. Burning of Fossil Fuel

2.1.1. Sulfur Dioxide put into the air Sulfur Dioxide is harmful chemical compound that is a toxic gas that can irritate the skin and cause inflammation to the respiratory system.

2.1.2. Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide is a gas that is created by the burning of carbon. The problem is that this gas, if emitted, can be used to trap air which leads to global warming.

2.1.3. Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas. This gas can cause weakness, vomiting, dizziness, and headache.

2.1.4. Sulfur Oxide Sulfur oxide are the types of oxides that consist of sulfur. Sulfur oxide makes it hard for organisms to breathe and can cause tightness in the chest and breathing problems.

3. Solutions

3.1. Air Quality Act of 1963

3.1.1. The Air Quality Act of 1963 was a law created to control the amount of emission of pollution put into the air. The EPA will pass penalties up to $37,500 per day violated.

3.2. Montreal Protocol

3.2.1. The Montreal Protocol was created in 1987 to prevent the amount of chemicals entering the ozone layer.

4. Killing Wildlife

4.1. Contaminated Air

4.1.1. Animals depend on oxygen to survive, but if that oxygen is contaminated, then the oxygen that the animals depend on becomes super harmful.

4.1.2. Pollution can contaminate the air and when organisms breathe the contaminated air, it can damage their organs overtime.

5. Health

5.1. Pollution leads to multiple health effects

5.1.1. Accelerated aging of lungs

5.1.2. Decrease in lung capacity

5.1.3. Shortened life span

5.1.4. Diseases