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What is TPA by Mind Map: What is TPA


1.1. Strength

1.1.1. Using Kms Tpa strengths to consolidate and expand the market position.

1.2. Weakness

1.2.1. Building strategies based on consumer oriented product development and marketing approach.

1.3. Threats

1.3.1. Kms Tpa can use two approaches - building on present strengths, or analyze the trend and build processes to two pronged market penetration approach.

1.4. Opportunity

1.4.1. Kms Tpa should just get out of these business areas and focus on strength and threats box , or on weakness and opportunities box.

2. knowledge management dilemma at TPA

2.1. Strategy plan

2.1.1. Service Delivery

2.1.2. IT Goverment

2.1.3. IT workforce

2.1.4. Security

2.1.5. Customer service

2.1.6. Agency Collaboration

2.1.7. Internal Business

2.2. Phase 1 : seed of formal KM approach

2.3. Phase 2 : SharePoint

2.4. Phase 3 : SharePoint Project

3. Problems

3.1. “The primary problem of the management of the company is to effectively adopt and implement the Share Point Project of knowledge management system with in the organizational structure and culture as currently roughly only 10 to 12% of the employees of the company are using this system to share their knowledge and experience regarding their work and projects”.

4. KM (Knowledge Management)

4.1. Microsoft Project server

4.2. SharePoint server

4.3. SharePoint server

5. Responsibility

5.1. to oversee goverment IT project

5.2. To coordinate goverment IT project

5.3. to facilities statewide strategic planning

5.4. to establish policities and standard for technology and IT seciurity