COMM391 Section 203 Phase 2

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COMM391 Section 203 Phase 2 by Mind Map: COMM391 Section 203 Phase 2

1. - we want to minimize the storage periods of our food to provide consistently fresh foods to customers

2. Group 301

2.1. City Workforce Value Proposition: to provide a reliable database of high quality workers suited to companies' needs

2.1.1. MOST IMPORTANT: Marketing and Our objective is to promote suitable workers to the companies looking to hire workers through our database. We need to understand the firm's needs in order to effectively match them with the best workers available.

2.1.2. Inbound Logistics:

3. Choose the most important activity in the value chain for your business. Explain why.

4. Group 305

4.1. Value Proposition of MoveIt: to provide a reliable, friendly and secure moving service that is personalized to the customers needs and time constraints

4.1.1. Human Resource Management Our movers are the representatives of our company and have to deal with stressful situations that our customers are going through when moving. Therefore they need to be well trained and looked after to maintain the friendly image of our service HRM is the most important for MoveIt because of how it allow all the other aspects of the business that are important

4.1.2. Marketing and Sales Image is very important for a third party moving company, especially tying back into the value proposition of being reliable, friendly and secure. The website, movers, trucks all have to appear profession to maintain this value propostition Marketing and sales enables the company to bring in and keep the customers that are needed to generate revenue, however it is not the root of the value proposition in the same way as HRM. HRM enables this to work and therefore is more important

4.1.3. Operations Solid operations will not only help maintain our value proposition of reliability but also will allow for consistent revenue streams that allow the company to operate in terms of paying for the trucks and movers. Operations however is not the most important for our business because logistics is more about not becoming a problem and is hard to differentiate from other companies.

5. Group 307

5.1. Value Proposition: Vanalyst helps our clients understand their financial needs, by using our unique mix of experienced professionals and advanced software products and solutions to help them reach their financial goals.

5.1.1. Operations is our most important activity, because in the finaical industry you need to rely on your human capital to generate your "product". This human capitals value is maximized by our human resources department which utilizes an extensive training program over the long term to insure our employees develop, and our customers received the level of service, and results they expect.

5.1.2. Customer Service is our second most impotent activity. In the financial industry we have to deal one on one with our consumers, and convince them to trust us with their financial security. Thus having a good relationship with these customers, and establishing a close bond is essential to our long term financial security, and our ability to grow our business through word of mouth.

6. Group 316

6.1. CityWorkforce

6.1.1. All of the value chain are important, but the interplay between Marketing/Sales and Technology is paramount as it provides the basis for revenue. This is true since the company (1) operates on-line (2) is reliant on customers that have a variety of competitors to choose from Most important support activity: Techonology Development To provide the perfect match between employee and employer Helps organise and use knowledge base Company is STRATEGIC: CW needs perfect matching system that is extremely reliable. In order to stay competitive, the company needs the newest technology, while a break down shuts down business. Most important primary activity: Marketing & Sales - need constant flow of new customers CityWorkforce (CW) has to market and be successful for two different types of customers: Employers and Employees. Effective selling and targeted marketing is important. CW has to find the perfect balance: Employees want good pay vs. employers wanting affordable and knowledgeable labour. Pricing strategies: Needs are changing depending on seasonal cycles. Eg: Window cleaners can only be hired on short notice if the weather is good

6.1.2. Value Propsition: Providing a reliable and effective match between job seekers and employers to improve the live of the individual and success of the company

7. Group 317

7.1. Value Proposition: MoveIT promises its customers a personalized, convenient, reliable, and secure way to move their personal properties

7.1.1. Most important - Operations Because MoveIT currently uses a paper based system, by moving to a system that better utilizes IT we can offer a better scheduling system that can increase efficiency and lower costs while also offering the customer a more satisfying booking experience. In order to keep up with the growing demand we need to make sure the operations of the business are able to meet the needs to the customer in a realiable manner. Other wise the customers will switch their services to another company who has the ability to effecitively manage their resources, and deliver their services on time. planning our schedule, setting up appointments, and working with customers (our operations) are essential to delivering the service (outbound logistics). without the operations stage we wouldn't even be able to arrange appointments and therefore wouldn't be able to perform our service. Without operations our ability to deliver good service to the customers would be useless. The other stages (for example, our marketing, customer service) would all be useless as well if we can't book customers, etc.

7.1.2. Not Most Important Inbound Logistics need to have supplies to carry out service eg people, truck, gas but ultimately these exist to make sure we do a good job of preparing for our service (operations) Customer Service by having efficient and secure operating procedures, we will be able to minimize the amount of damages to furniture, and through providing reliable service, we will reduce customer complaints. therefore, operations is more important than customer service Sales & Marketing Promotion & Advertising is based on how well our services are provided or else there wouldn't be a good enough selling point Outbound Logistics important since the service of moving is the main reason customers come to our company. Good outbound logistics is useless however, without good operations. Without the ability to prepare for the actual moving process, book customers, schedule moving times, etc, the best moving service would be useless. It is important that our delivery system is on time and provides quality service in order to keep customers satsified and coming back. Having that said, in order to first make the delivery we need to have our operations in order to set up the resources and schedule a time for delivery

8. Group 318

8.1. Value Chain: DataMed: Providing affordable medical services.

8.1.1. Most Important Operations We think that operations is the most important part of the value chain- carrying out procedures, healing patients. It is important for DataMed to deliver services well and ensure production inventory (customers) remains high. If operations run smoothly, our medical services will be delivered well to customers.

8.1.2. Least important Inbound Logitics Because patients are never-ending; inventory is infinite

9. Group 319

9.1. Value Chain

9.1.1. Marketing and Sales We have to promote ourselves as a superior moving company, because anyone can move something from point a and point b. It is our advertising and marketing that is going to differentiate ourselves Referrals might be a good option, since it will encourage clients to promote us Online presence Website: withinstant estimate on first page. Very simple and user friendly layout. not too flashy Facebook/Twitter/Youtube Promotions in school newspapers and sponsor an event or 2. 1 of our Target audience is students, since they move for the summer - Prepare flyers/mail promo to send to newly listed properties on MLS and craigslist. --- this will be focused marketing and higher CPL (Cash per letter. Yes, I made that up) Low cost, and focused marketing rather than flood the lower mainland with mail outs. (automated?!)

10. Group 320

10.1. Value Chain Model

10.1.1. Primary Activities: Marketing and Sales VanRealty facilitates transactions. Due to the homogeneous nature of goods and high level of competition within the industry, marketing and sales is integral in differentiating between firms and goods. VanRealty's role in each sale is to cater to the demands of specific customers by contacting suitable property owners. Further activities include advertising properties and developing appropriate pricing strategies given the existing market. Market research

10.1.2. Support Activities: Procurement of Resources In the Real Estate industry, often times the most successful brokerage is the one that has the largest and most differentiated stock of homes. If the brokerage can solidify and attain a varied source of inventory for sale, they will be able to appeal to the greatest number of customers not only in the area, but around the world. In the Vanocouver real estate market right now, many of the buyers are coming from China and thus the brokerages need not only to appeal to local Vancouverites, but also those from the Chinese market and thus need a large amount of inventory to do this. It's essential for VanRealty to maintain long term relationships with clients, particularly those who habitually sell or acquire investment properties.

11. Group 315

11.1. Value proposition - To provide customers with the opportunity to purchase housing from individuals with expertise

11.1.1. Provides service in Chinese; target marketing

11.2. The most important primary activity is marketing and sales because we are a small company in need of attracting customers and in turn ultimately increasing revenues, in light of the current economic environment

11.2.1. Providing expect market advice and market analysis of the local area, featured to the widest audience as possible

11.3. Through marketing and sales we can raise awareness and earn a competitive advantage over competitors

12. Group 314

12.1. Due to the fact that our business deals with perishable goods, we feel that ''Inbound Logistics'' is one of the major influences in the value chain. The quicker our Inbound System works, the fresher our products are and therefore value is added!! In order to offer fresh and healthy foods it is important to Keep up with the inventory levels, making sure that the demand is met for every season and at all times.

12.2. Value Proposition; We, Good Foods Canda, provide not only the freshest, organic food products, but also try to inspire our customers to eat healthy by educating them about human health.

13. Group 313

13.1. operation and outbound logistic:

13.1.1. -The quality of our service (medical) is the marketing. Efficient, superior technology and word by word marketing are very important to us. Everything else are important as well but if we don't have the best technology to meet customers' initial needs, everything else (such as customer service) will not be essential either. Customer experience is what we want to focus on and what makes us different. We are in the position to develop superior services thats above and beyond customers' expectation.

14. Group 312

14.1. The most important activity in the value chain for Good Foods is Inbound Operations. This involves buying vegetables and meats from local farms & having good relations with our suppliers. Quick delivery is necessary because the produce is very easily perishable. We must also ensure that farmers are honest about whether their produce is in fact organic. Good Foods must monitor their inventory to make sure there is no excess and waste from having too much supply of organic foods. Although other aspects are important such as customer service, we realize that our way of differentiating among competitors is offering the utmost quality produce possible. Our focus on quality creates our brand equity.

15. Group 311

15.1. Inbound logistics ->The preparation of materials and labor for the service needs to be efficient and there has to be a system in place to ensure efficient supply.

15.2. Operations -> In the health care industry, the operations is based on providing the actual service from doctors to patients, therefore this would be the most important factor. ->With regards to services, in order for the business to be successful, there needs to be efficiency of communication between the consumer and the provider of the services aka. the doctors. ->Operations and service can be separated, but with regards to our industry we think that operations and service can be combined, as the operations provide the service. E.g. Doctors provide check up to patients, that is regarded as the service, but at the same time this is the main operation of the company because in order to run the business the company hires doctors to provide this service, and this is the work flow of the company.

15.3. New node

16. Group 308

16.1. Good Foods Value Proposition: make our customers healthier, happier and live better through our quality organic foods and education.

16.1.1. most important activity = outbound logistics - because to provide value to customers we need to provide food and service. Focusing on outbound logistics will make it easier for most important activity = outbound logistics - because to provide value to customers we need to provide food and service. Focusing on outbound logistics will make it easier for us to deliver the organic foods to the customers. Providing the goods efficiently will also allow us to provide education that comes along with it. Outbound logistics also allows us to efficiently deliver fresh fruits to customers; where the quality will ensure customer equity.

17. Group 309

17.1. Value Proposition:

17.1.1. Most important value chain activity Marketing and Sales: it is important to understand home buyer needs such as location, budget, and room requirements. Also, because of the competitive nature of the business, advertising is important to expose the realtors to a larger share of the market. Pricing strategies are often part advertising strategies as they offer a competitive advantage over other agencies (e.g. 2% Realty). Because VanRealty is a service it does not deal with Inbound logistics, operations, and outbound logistics as the main focus.

18. Group 310

18.1. Value Proposition: VAnalyst ensures a high quality service, providing Investment Portfolio Management and Business Consultation.

18.1.1. Most Important Customer Care: We Believe the most important part of our SC is Customer Care we provide for to those who use our services. Considering that we provide investment services, as well as business consultation, Providing top quality service though outstanding communication, and great presentation of what we do and stand for would more likely bring in Profit. Management: Great management is required to keep an eye on the way customer care is carried. VAnalyst works towards their goal of providing 360 degree customer service. By doing so, they are able to build their reputation and create a positive brand image. In this industry it is very important to cater to the needs of the customer.

18.1.2. Support: Human Resources Management In order to provide 360 degree customer service, it is imperative that employees are properly trained, experienced, dedicated, and share the company's values. Therefore, it is vital that the company has a rigorous and effective hiring procedure.

19. Group 304

19.1. City Workforce Value Proposition:

19.1.1. To alleviate human resources needs by immensely reducing time and costs by providing temporary but quality human resources to companies that are not looking for long term commitment. Most Important Activity Primary activity: Operations Secondary Activity: Human Resources Management

20. Group 303

20.1. Goods Foods: Value Proposition: Promoting a healthy lifestyle by providing education and high quality fresh foods.

20.1.1. Most Important Activity: Inbound Operations without establishing carefully directed inbound logistic the rest of the business operation will not be able to function to our standards Why?

21. Group 302

21.1. Value Proposition - We offer the most accessible and informative service through effective marketing and sales

21.1.1. Primary Activity = Marketing and Sales Marketing and Sales is what gets our word out there and what will differentiate our brand from other realtors. It also makes us easily accessible to our customers (i.e. they know who we are and how to find us). A strong marketing department also means that we can conduct better market research and understand housing prices/trends/demands better allowing us to better serve our customers From the realtors point of view as well, it is very important that they use multiple channels to market the houses they sell to ensure optimal exposure. Therefore, having a strong marketing department will ensure that we are well established in the real estate sector. Different marketing channels include Yellow pages, newspaper, internet adverts, social media, television, billboards, magazine adverts

21.1.2. Secondary Activity = Procurement of Resources it creates long term relationship with reliable suppliers, because of their reputable database that our firm holds and is able to use It makes our marketing campaign legitimate (if we have high quality houses, it solidifies our brand image which we are marketing as our prime activity)

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23. Group 306

23.1. Value Proposition: MoveIT brings confidence and peace of mind to its customers by providing proven reliable stress-free transportation services.

23.1.1. Most important activity: Operations MoveIT understands that to have a competitive advantage, it must differentiate it's services with well planned operations. this includes: established booking methods and standardized procedures to assure high quality and reliability. Quality operations speak louder than a fancy marketing campaign.

23.1.2. What about other activities? Inbound Logistics: suppliers are a less important part of our industry, we have very little dependance on suppliers such as trucks, etc. OutboundLogistics: note as we are a service industry, operations and outbound logistics are blended Marketing/Sales: Marketing is an important factor in differentiating, but we would like our service to speak for itself and move along form word of mouth, which is why we are mainly focused on operations (as well as customer service) Customer Service: it is important to continually cater to the needs and concerns of the customers, trucks being late, poor delivery services, and broken items are a few of the complaints and follow-up needs that customers require in this industry. Maintaining a strong customer service reputation, helps to build future clientele.

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