ADST Supports from the LLC

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ADST Supports from the LLC by Mind Map: ADST Supports from the LLC

1. Social, ethical, sustainability considerations impact design

1.1. Woodworking 9/10 research project for effects of logging in West Coast forests

1.1.1. Woodworking 9/10 research & presentation of bug-kill wood & the demand for use in art

1.2. Foods 9/10 100km diet project creating a recipe based on using resources within 100km radius of the school

1.2.1. Foods 9/10 researching current food trends (quinoa, almond milk, etc) and the effects on the environment and people harvesting

1.3. Textiles 9 research on denim & environmental impacts of indigo dye & chemical washes to create distressed look

2. Complex tasks require sequencing of skills

2.1. Youth Philanthropy Initiative through Careers research non-profit for presentation in donation contest

2.1.1. Research non-profit, arranging meet-up (face to face), gather information

2.1.2. Develop presentation in collaboration with other Careers classes

2.1.3. Present research in presentation to school & community

2.1.4. Winning group presents $5000 cheque to non-profit

2.2. AVID Ramen project

2.2.1. Create logo in lab using brand recognition

2.2.2. Research supply & demands (marketing) strategies

2.2.3. Create business proposal (lab time) using 4Ps

2.3. AVID 9 'Design your dream middle school' with middle school students

2.3.1. Collaborate in library with middle school sts to brainstorm ideas of ideal middle school site

2.3.2. Draft drawing of ideal site using Sketchup

2.3.3. Create design of ideal site based on Sketchup draft using fiberboard & poster paper

2.3.4. Presentation to peers & staff showing design process

3. Complex tasks require different technologies & tools at different stages

3.1. Woodworking 9/10 to LLC lab to access Sketchup to design box project

3.2. Foods 9/10 to LLC lab to research country for historical food project

3.3. Art 9/10 to the LLC to research traditional Aboriginal animals depicted in West Coast First Nations art using books & databases