Post Cyber TTX Updated 12/9/2019

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Post Cyber TTX Updated 12/9/2019 by Mind Map: Post Cyber TTX     Updated 12/9/2019

1. Admin

1.1. Define next steps

1.1.1. Pick a date to hold LIVE TTX in NC?

1.2. TTX Design

1.2.1. Consensus on scenario, products, sequencing Scenario Hurricane, Social Media, Cyber Products Directory TTX template Themes Bottom Up approach, focused on state level people and actions Develop POC's for state agencies and utilities to develop communications protocols and products operations focused, focus on solving operational problems Sponsored by the SISE working group in coordination with NC OEM, EEI and others ROBCX (Right of Boom Cyber TTX

1.2.2. Define Roles Who are Players, Observers, Evaluators? Players Observers Fed Trades Invited Guests Other

1.2.3. Develop discussion questions Questions Questions to be Asked Questions to be Answered Inter-Dependencies

1.2.4. Post TTX Activities Evaluators? Hot Wash?

2. Doc and Slides from Planing Workshop Held 11/5/2019

2.1. Development of a Post Cyber-Attack TTX focus on coordinated response of industry and states

2.1.1. What:s the Problem? Private Sector does not know who the people are in each state that handle 1) Social Media; 2) Election Systems; 3) Cyber Attacks

2.1.2. Next Steps

2.1.3. What does success look like? End result? Develop Communication Protocol One Voice Who are the people needed Engage Elelctric, Comms

2.2. Sessions

2.2.1. Session #1 What's the Background and Assumptions? Assumptions Background concepts, themes, assumptions What's the Long-term strategy? Long-term Strategy What's the Scenario, Goals & Objectives Session #1 - Objectives What are the Desired Outcomes & Products?

2.2.2. Session #2 What is the TTX scenario? What are the impacts to private sector & states? Private Sector? States? What questions/injects should be created? Injects Questions What TTX materials and resources will be needed? Videos? Websites? Handouts? Website Read Ahead videos, docs Videos for scenarios Pre- and post- TTX events Slide decks Webinars SISE Decision Making Tools Dashboards For live TTX, roll up tools Surveys

2.2.3. Session #3 Who will be the potential government and industry players? Observers? Evaluators? Participants How & when will Participants be engaged along the way? Live? Virtual? Other? What will be the desired outcomes/products from TTX once it is implemented in 2020? Products Roles defined

2.3. Outcomes

2.3.1. Transcript

2.3.2. Slides

2.3.3. Agenda

2.3.4. Recording / Video

3. Goals

3.1. Engage State Liaisons as central POC to organize and connect to all state agencies for this TTX and afterwards

3.1.1. Utilities want to have a single POC for operational issues