Website Planning

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Website Planning by Mind Map: Website Planning

1. 1. Objectives

1.1. "legitimize my offer"

1.2. introduction to me

1.3. searchable online

1.4. another avenue for webinar distribution

2. 2. Audience

2.1. anyone "googling me"

2.2. anyone needing a credibility indicator

2.3. potential clients

2.3.1. professional men & women age 30-65 w/chronic illness (specifically chronic fatigue, ME, fibromyalgia)

2.4. potential speaking events coordinators

3. 3. Strategy

3.1. "legitimize my offer"

3.1.1. clean, professional looking website with links to FB, Linked In, etc...

3.2. introduction to me

3.2.1. good bio on who I am & what I do speaking teaching my COD offer upcoming events calendar

3.3. searchable online

3.3.1. optimize on google

3.4. another avenue for webinar distribution

3.4.1. specific page for my webinar

4. 4. Features

4.1. clear navigation

4.1.1. Joel's realm!

4.2. crucial biz info (what I do- bio)

4.2.1. I have been involved in the healthcare and education world for over twenty years now. In addition to homeschooling my four children (ages 21-13), I have also successfully run medical practices & a corporate wellness company with my physician husband, been a health and wellness curriculum developer for a Fortune 500 company, become a trained facilitator, been the interim manager and a founding partner in an integrative wellness center at a resort, and started my own consulting business for people with long-term chronic and genetic conditions. I have also been the primary caregiver for my son who developed a traumatic brain injury from mold bio-toxin illness two years ago. I strive to learn better ways to live a healthy, happy life, then I love to help others excel in their own goals. I am also a chronic condition warrior (including advanced stage neurologic Lyme disease) while building my companies & my family. Everything we teach has been learned & experienced by our family and our clients. By communicating and sharing our values, habits, and effectiveness we are reaching the world with simple easy-to-follow wellness principles. After all, everyone knows "what" to do to be healthy in body, mind, and soul. The real trick is to learn "how" and simply do it! Skill Highlights •Educational development & facilitation: the ability to make challenging concepts fun, interesting, and engaging for the audience •Frequent public speaking, instruction, & facilitation with adult audiences •Time management & organizational skills for self and team •Communication with variety of individuals with differing skills, abilities, needs, specializing in: education, chronic illness/pain, invisible illness, medical system •Ability to adapt and stay focused in changing dynamics and “the unexpected"

4.3. contact info

4.3.1. contacts join our FREE fb support group: Finding Your Joy: Overcoming Chronic Conditions Together

4.3.2. [email protected]


4.4. social media integration


4.4.2. [email protected]

4.4.3. Revolutionary Joy

4.4.4. FB secret group join our FREE fb support group: Finding Your Joy: Overcoming Chronic Conditions Together

4.4.5. webinar

4.5. mobile-ready

4.6. FAQ section

4.6.1. on the To Do list

4.7. webinar instant play page on website

4.7.1. Must re-work webinar and load on Stealth Seminar before we can do this!

5. 5. UI/UX

5.1. This is Joel's realm!

6. 6. Deliverables

6.1. Contact Info

6.2. Bio

6.3. Webinar on-demand