Vaping and Lung Damage

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Vaping and Lung Damage by Mind Map: Vaping and Lung Damage


2. HEALTH RISKS Study 1 (Rankin et. al -- 2019) : Found that nicotine-enhanced e-cigarettes resulted in a decrease in cell viability and significant increase in DNA damage comparative to non-nicotine enhanced e-cigarettes. Indicates a potentially dangerous short-term effect on lungs Study 2 (Brown et. al -- 2013): indicates direct link between long term vaping use and a small number of select lung diseases (i.e. asthma, chronic bronchitis, and increased risk of pneumonia). Study 3 showed that increased use of e-cigarettes resulted in higher chances of potential addiction to cigarettes over a long period of time (more study is needed)

3. METHODS: Study 1 compared the degenerative effects of aerosol EVES (vapor extract) containing nicotine to aerosol EVEs without nicotine over a 24 hour period on a small group of 12 subjects. Study 2 examined 300 e-cigarette users and 300 cigarette smokers to perform a comparative analysis of 5 years of e-cigarette use. Non-vape users and non-smokers served as control group. Study 3 examined 100 ex-smokers who took up vaping in order to quit smoking for a 5 month period compared to the "cold turkey" control group. Due to nicotine in the e-cigarettes, those who vaped had a higher rate of quitting successfully, with little to no extant damage to their lungs.

4. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SMOKING AND VAPING: differences noted in Study 1 and 2, mainly related to health effects

5. SUBSTITUTE FOR SMOKING: Study 3 (Hu et. al -- 2018) considered e-cigarette use has a less detrimental effect overall than cigarette smoking, it can be used a temporary aid in smoking cessation.

6. GATEWAY USEAGE: Study 4 (Kilkenny et. al -- 2017) found increased use of cigarettes in subjects that vaped, especially amongst younger subjects. 29% of vape users, compared to 12% of non-vape users in the control group, smoked or tried cigarettes 3-4 years after they began vaping.