Framework for Diagnostic Teaching by Katie Inge

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Framework for Diagnostic Teaching by Katie Inge by Mind Map: Framework for Diagnostic Teaching by Katie Inge

1. Familiar Text Time

1.1. Manage choice of familiar literacy material.

1.1.1. This would be good for Hayden to increase his fluency.

1.2. Reread easy and familiar materials.

1.3. Refine strategies and skill using known material.

2. Supported Reading & Writing

2.1. Focus on constructing meaning with text.

2.2. Support active reading before, during, and after the lesson

2.2.1. This would be good for Hayden to have support and to practice comprehending what he is reading. I can do this by giving Hayden freedom to share his thoughts and opinions after reading.

2.3. After reading, have student respond or summarize in writing.

3. Continuous Assessment

3.1. Monitor reading actions.

3.2. Analyze patterns when reading.

3.2.1. I can incorporate this with Hayden by stopping after a couple of lessons and monitor where he is at/what progress he is making. I must have measurable data in order to do this.

3.3. Analyze reading growth.

3.4. Encourage students to employ self-assessment.

4. Strategy and Skill Instruction

4.1. Implement strategy and skill instruction.

4.2. Converse about strategy use.

4.3. Encourage students to employ self-assessment.

4.3.1. This would be suitable for Hayden because this is what my whole goal of tutoring him is to do: find the problem and create a strategy and plan to help him.

4.4. Conduct an analysis of patterns of strategy and skill development.

5. Process Writing Time

5.1. Provide time for drafting ideas.

5.2. Conduct minilessons.

5.2.1. I can encourage Hayden to write about the books he is reading by doing an Author's chair.

5.3. Revise writing using Author's Chair.

6. Personalized Reading & Writing

6.1. Evoke a personal response

6.2. Provide a failure-free situation.

6.2.1. Hayden would love this, because he has told me that he enjoys reading and writing the most when he can choose the book or topic himself. I can let Hayden have a choice between books and writing topics.

6.3. Choose reading and writing purposes.