Introduction to Computers and Computer System

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Introduction to Computers and Computer System by Mind Map: Introduction to Computers and Computer System

1. Supercomputers

1.1. supercomputer is the fastest, most powerful computer

2. Overview and History of Computers

2.1. Overview and History of Computers

2.1.1. From 0 to the 5 Generations

3. Basic Components of the Von Neumann Machine

3.1. THE PRINCIPLES : Data & instructions are both stored in main memory while being processed

3.2. A central processing unit (CPU); it contains the control unit (CU), arithmetic/logic unit (ALU) and Interface unit

3.3. MEMORY ; memory is short-term storage INPUT DEVICES : Mouse and scanner OUTPUT DEVICES ; Monitor and printer

3.4. STORAGE : Hard drive and optical media

4. ALU: arithmetic/logic : unitPerforms arithmetic and Boolean logical calculations

4.1. CU: control unit : Controls processing of instructions Controls movement of data within the CPU

4.1.1. Interface unit : Moves instructions and data between the CPU and other hardware components

5. Modern Computer System and Hardware in Brief

5.1. computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory

6. The Components of a Computer


7. Computer Hardware

7.1. System Unit

7.2. Input Device

7.3. Output Device

7.4. Storage Device

7.5. Communications Device

8. Computer Software

8.1. Software, also called a program

9. Types of Computer

9.1. Supercomputers Mainframe computers Midrange computers Personal computers

10. Mainframe Computers

10.1. mainframe is a large, expensive, powerful computer

11. Midrange Computers

11.1. midrange computers or servers are computers with processing capabilities less powerful

12. Personal Computers

12.1. personal computer can perform all of its input, processing, output, and storage activities by itself.