Basic Components of the Von Neumann Machine

Chapter 1 CSC116

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Basic Components of the Von Neumann Machine by Mind Map: Basic Components of the Von Neumann Machine

1. History of Computer

1.1. 0th generation -Mechanical Era

1.2. 1st generation -Vacuum tube technology -ENIAC,EDVAC,IAS

1.3. 2nd generation -Transistor technology -IBM 1620,CDC 3600,UNIVAC 1108

1.4. 3rd generation -Integrated circuit base technology -IBM 360 series,PDP,TDC-316

1.5. 4th generation -VLSI microprocessor base technology -DEC 10,STAR 1000,PDP 11

1.6. 5th generation -ULSI technology -Desktop,Laptop,Notebook

2. Basic Components of the Von Neumann Machine

2.1. Input devices -Mouse, keyboard, scanner

2.2. CPU -RAM -Processor

2.3. Output devices -Monitor, printer, fax machine

2.4. Storage -Hard drive, optical media

2.5. Bus -Bundles of wire that carry signal and power

3. Modern Computer System and Hardware in Brief

3.1. Computer -Electronic device that use software and hardware to operate

3.2. Hardware -Input,Output,Storage,Processing devices

3.3. Software -Program -Step-by-step instruction that tell the computer how to do its work

3.4. Network - Collection of computers and devices connected together -Wireless

3.5. Internet - Worldwide collection of network

3.6. Types of Computer

3.6.1. Supercomputers -The fastest, most powerful computer -Process quadrillion instructions

3.6.2. Mainframe Computers -Large, expensive, powerful computer -Handle hundreds or thousands of connected users

3.6.3. Midrange Computers -Computers with processing capabilities less powerful than a mainframe computer -Powerful than a personal computer

3.6.4. Personal Computers -Perform all of its input, processing, output, and storage activities by itself