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Napoleon by Mind Map: Napoleon

1. Greatest Impact on French Revolution: The Hundred Days and the Battle of Waterloo- Sean

1.1. Napoleon taking back the thrown as emperor and taking on the British and Prussians on showed how nationalistic the French were for Napoleon. Even after defeats in Egypt, Russia and being exiled French soldiers followed Napoleon as an emperor into battle against a greater force than their own.

2. Napoleon Builds His Empire

2.1. 1804-1814

2.2. He expands French control and influence by placing his brothers on the thrones of Spain and Italy. Con-questing led to the spread of new ideas associated with the revolution. The spread lead to the Napoleonic code becoming the legal basis system for many European Countries.

2.3. Napoleon Bonaparte

3. Napoleon Creates Reforms in France

3.1. 1800-1804

3.2. Napoleon Bonaparte

3.3. Napoleon centralized administration of the government departments, created the lycee school system, implemented a tax system, the Bank of France, the Napoleonic Code, and road and sewer systems. The impact of the reforms was substantial to the people of France that created peace and order. Napoleon is honored as an icon and a hero.

4. Napoleon Declared Emperor of France

4.1. 1804

4.2. Napoleons success in reforming France and expanding French influence made him popular with the people of France.They voted to make him consul for life. In 1804, the constitution was rewritten again, and Napoleon was crowned as France's first emperor.

4.3. Napoleon Bonaparte

5. Napoleonic Code

5.1. 1804

5.2. The Napoleonic Code benefited the citizens of France by being fair in judgement regardless of birth. The Napoleonic code became the basis for the legal systems of many countries of Europe. It showed that France was a forward thinking country.

5.3. Napoleon Bonaparte

6. The Hundred Days and the Battle of Waterloo

6.1. March-June 1815

6.2. After being exiled to the island of Elba, Napoleon sailed back to France and was greeted as an Emperor by his people. He regained his army and marched to the town of Waterloo in Belgium to split the British and Prussian forces. The French we outnumbered but the British general didn't underestimate Napoleon and eventually Napoleon was defeated and was exiled to St. Helena.

6.3. Napoleon Bonaparte, Duke of Wellington, Gebhard von Blücher

7. Napoleon Builds His Empire- Brandon D

7.1. This event had a big impact on French Nationalism positively because Napoleon's rule expanded France's empire and it helped shape what France looks like on the maps today. It is the most important event because it led to new ideas like the Napoleonic code that benefited the revolution and is the base for legal systems in many countries in Europe.

8. Greatest Impact on French Nationalism: Napoleon declared emperor

8.1. I believe it had the greatest impact because it symbolized the end of the revolution. He brought the revolution to an end and reunited France. The large majority of people voted to make Napoleon as their leader. Napoleon then brought France back to greatness.