English 317

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English 317 by Mind Map: English 317

1. Week 2

1.1. Assignment 1-Memo(Memo format), Guidelines for interaction, some example of interactions, example of memo with a business writing.

1.2. Tone-defined as attitude of the writer.Important to pick the right tone(example-humorous and critical)

1.3. Audience- who will read your writing, knowing your audience is important

1.4. Purpose- what you want your readers to get from your writing

2. Week 3

2.1. Self-evaluation

2.2. Memo peer review

2.2.1. Interaction, communicating, focused audience

2.3. write's note- talking about the steps we did about memo.

3. Week 1

3.1. 317 Introduction

3.2. The difference between workplace and class writing.

3.2.1. Workplace-professionalism,cooperative, and friendly

3.2.2. Classroom-Diversity,creative, and open

3.3. Good qualities-Kindness, Empathy, patience

4. Week 4

4.1. The difference between college and workplace writing

4.1.1. workplace the reading is looking for meaningful information. The focus is clarity.

4.1.2. College writing a professor reads the whole essay. The focus is not on the writer's opinions.Its on issues and facts.

4.2. HOCs and LOCs


4.3.1. one of the 3 macro-questions is "What;s the story". in this stage readers are looking answers for their issues.

5. Week 6

5.1. Type of Interaction-Respect/Attention,Professional, Understanding, Honest

5.2. Good Interactions-Eye Contact, question being asked, informative

5.3. To Get there- Know your audience, practice and have patience

6. Week 5

6.1. Library

6.1.1. Discipline Research introduction Information Technology major Business Analyst

6.1.2. Research guides

7. Week 7

7.1. Presentations- practice before presenting, good eye contact, breath and talk slow, ask equations afterwards, confidence is important

7.2. Issues/ concerns of presentations

7.2.1. reading of slides, public speaking anxiety,lack of practice

7.3. 3 Types of Letter recommendations

7.3.1. Recommended- Highly recommended

7.3.2. Recommended with reservations- 50/50

7.3.3. Not recommended- do not recommend

8. Week 8

8.1. Paragraphs

8.1.1. Chunking related sentences

8.1.2. Direct(main point in a topic sentence 1st then providing sentence) or indirect(supporting sentence 1st, then topic sentence)

8.2. Presentations by students

8.2.1. IT

8.2.2. Health Science

8.2.3. Law

8.2.4. English writing

8.2.5. physiology and information technology

8.2.6. the delivery of presentation(good and bad) a practice for real world

9. Week 9(no classes)Getting started with proposal

9.1. Ideal environment-Accessible for disabilities, diversity of people with different cultures, flexible hours for commuters, feedback one-on-one

9.2. issues or tends- not many writers are available in IT industry, most people antisocial, no privacy because of information technology usage

10. Week 10

10.1. Feedback for proposal

10.1.1. use real life examples, pick a job and focus on its negative side to bring the positive side

10.2. how to look for a job

10.2.1. seeking for some connections, prepare, cover letter and resume, initiative, handshake, indeed, attend career/job fairs

10.3. Sentence

10.3.1. how your write your sentence affects readers, maintain a logical sentence core use short sentence more,prefer active voices, passive when the anent is unknown

10.4. word choice

10.4.1. plain language

10.4.2. better to use the words you learned first,avoid jargon(long sentence and hard words) and abbreviation

11. Week 11

11.1. Resume/Cover letter

11.1.1. Don't put full address on a resume(only city and state)

11.1.2. put GPA if more than 3.0

11.1.3. unless freshman or sophomore, no need to put high school

11.1.4. resume is to get you an interview

11.1.5. cover letter to introduce yourself.

11.1.6. job search on handshake and LinkedIn

11.2. Example of synopsis

11.2.1. a brief summer of proposal.

12. Week 12

12.1. Meeting minutes

12.1.1. Anu's proposal presentation was about recycling electronic waste and donating them to low-income families. His presentation was great other than his slides containing too much information. His presentation was good and covered the required information: GOAL(to bring families Internet all over the US to reduce to the electronic waste), COST(pay employees to break down to the devices to recycle), BENEFIT(contributes to our environment less dangerous toxic), RISK(Competitions between companies), PROCES(find for building, get start in lower-income neighborhoods in MD, depending on success, move to other places around the US). From his presentation, I could see that he planned, and practiced well before delivering the presentation.

13. Week 13

13.1. Presentation on proposal

13.1.1. High school does not prepare students for college

14. Week 14

14.1. meeting minutes(recorded documentation that is used for meetings) includes; location, agenda, due dates

14.2. portfolio using weebly website- includes bio, resume, recommendation letters from out group members, and writing sample

15. Week 15

15.1. Learning outcome reminder in English 317

15.2. Contribution to on overall grade