Nutrition and Learning

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Nutrition and Learning by Mind Map: Nutrition and Learning

1. Fewer Behavioral Issues

1.1. Students that eat breakfast are more focused and less fidgety.

1.2. Students are able to stay focused longer.

1.3. Less disruptive

2. Glucose

2.1. Providing students with high blood glucose levels, this maximizes students learning potential.

2.2. Glucose in the brain is important.

2.3. It helps to stimulate the brain so that recall is better.

3. Longer Attention Span

3.1. Students are able to listen to instructions for a longer period of time when they eat breakfast.

3.2. Being able to pay attention increases student learning.

4. Enhances Students Performance

4.1. Studies shown that high glucose levels help student performance.

5. Learning Is Improved

6. Amino Acids

6.1. Better Recall

6.2. Epinephrine helps the brain to remember things.