Teaching with Technology in General Education

Conclusions about the positive, negative and neutral impacts of the trend or issues (teaching with technology); a recommendation for action or prediction of future developments; and a rationale for conclusions about impacts and recommendations or predictions.

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Teaching with Technology in General Education by Mind Map: Teaching with Technology in General Education

1. Neutral: Learning curve among instructors and students.

1.1. Recommendation: Provide training.

1.2. Recommendation: Provide assistance.

1.3. Recommendation: Start with small changes... no need to revamp everything at once!

1.4. Rationale: Once instructors begin teaching with technology, they will find it enhances their experience as well the their students' experience in the classroom.

2. Negative: Accessibility issues among students.

2.1. Recommendation: Provide students with more computer labs.

2.2. Recommendation: Provide more assistance with technology to students.

2.3. Rationale: Today's students are being taught with technology through the K-12 system, so it will be an expectation when they come to college.

3. Positive: Enhancing educational opportunities and making students more attractive in the marketplace.

3.1. Recommendation: Consider what employers want in our graduates in relation to 21st century literacy skills.

3.2. Rationale: More employers will expect graduates to have an understanding of various technologies, even those that don't seem to directly relate to their occupational careers.

4. Negative: Resistance to change.

4.1. Recommendation: Show importance to instructors through research and case studies, as well as student and employer feedback.

4.2. Recommendation: Provide training to instructors.

4.3. Rationale: We can not avoid technology in the Gen Ed classroom. It will be a necessary part of education.

5. Positive: Relevant learning experiences for the 21st century.

5.1. Recommendation: Digital media projects or other visual and audio projects.

5.2. Recommendation: Greater focus on internet for scholarly research.

5.3. Recommendation: More blended learning offerings.

5.4. Recommendation: More online learning offerings.

5.5. Rationale: 21st century literacy will be an important part of the workplace.

6. Positive: Reaching students through multiple modalities.

6.1. Recommendation: Connect with different types of learners.

6.2. Recommendation: Give students multiple ways to show understanding of course material.

6.3. Rationale: More students will succeed when given opportunities to thrive through technology.