SACS 10-Year Accreditation (Reaffirmation) Process Plan

SACS 10-year Accreditation Process Plan

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SACS 10-Year Accreditation (Reaffirmation) Process Plan by Mind Map: SACS 10-Year Accreditation (Reaffirmation) Process Plan

1. Year 1

1.1. Months 1-3: Establish Leadership Team, Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Topic Team, and Audit Team

1.1.1. Months 4-8: Audit Team to conduct Compliance Readiness Audit {Link to Off-site Compliance checklists}

1.2. Months 4-8: QEP Topic Team to solicit QEP Topic Ideas

1.2.1. Months 9-12: QEP Topic Teamto review submitted ideas and narrow to top 3

2. YEAR 2

2.1. Months 1-2: QEP Topic Team to put out top 3 ideas to vote

2.2. Month 3: QEP Topic Team selects QEP Topic

2.2.1. Months 4-12: Develop QEP Plan. The plan is selected through ongoing, comprehensive evaluation process, has broad support from all institutional areas, focuses on improved student learning outcomes and successes, and illustrates committed resources to achieve QEP plan.

2.3. Months 12: Write Compliance Certification

3. Year 3

3.1. Months 1-12: Launch QEP Pilot Phase

3.1.1. Months 1-12 Write QEP Report. The report may be no more than 75 pages of narrative text and no more than 25 pages of supporting documents

3.2. Month 9: Submit Compliance Certification (Must be submitted 15 months in advance from scheduled reaffirmation)

3.2.1. Month 11: SACSCOS Off-site Reaffirmation Committee Review. This group will report back preliminary findings on compliance

4. Year 4

4.1. Month 1: Submit QEP Report: Must be submitted 6 weeks prior to On-Site Visit

4.2. Month 1: Submit Focused Report aka the response to Off-site Reaffirmation Committee Report

4.2.1. Month 3: SACSCOS On-Site Reaffirmation Review. The committee will conduct a focused evaluation on issues of compliance with Core Requirements and Standards as well as evaluate the QEP and provide consultation regarding issues addressed in QEP

5. Year 5

5.1. Month 1: Decision received by the SACSCOC Board of Trustees. The trustees only convene twice a year. Theoretically, the decision could arrive at the end of Year 4 depending on meeting times.

6. Years 6-8

6.1. Quarterly Meetings of Leadership Team to review progress on QEP plan. These meetings will require updates on how the QEP goals are being met, any changes to goals and why, QEP's impact on student learning, and institutional reflection on QEP experience

7. Year 9

7.1. Months 1- 3: First draft of Interim Report

7.1.1. Months 4-6: Second draft of Interim Report Months 7-12: Finalize 10-page report

8. Year 10

8.1. Month 1: Submit QEP Fifth-Year Interim Report. The report must be 10 pages or less detailing the following:

8.1.1. 1. A succinct list of the initial goals and intended outcomes of the Quality Enhancement Plan;

8.1.2. 2. A discussion of changes made to the QEP and the reasons for making those changes;

8.1.3. 3. A description of the QEP’s impact on student learning and/or the environment supporting student learning, goals and outcomes, and any unanticipated outcomes of the QEP; and

8.1.4. 4. A reflection on what the institution has learned as a result of the QEP experience