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Competências by Mind Map: Competências

1. Backend

1.1. SAP ERP

1.1.1. Funcional Financials Controlling Accounting Analytics BPC Planning SAC S4HANA Fiscal Guepardo J1BTAX NFE In Out

1.1.2. Technical Analytics BW Hana Cloud (SAC) ABAP Workbench Enhancements in standard logic General programming Workflow Integrations Performance Improvements CDS Customized CDS for analytics Fiori Catalog management Middleware SAP Cloud connector PI

1.1.3. MDM LSMW Smart LSMW using ABAP Code LSMW for ECC Implamentation SAP Migration Cockpit Using Stage Tables Hana Using Excel Files

1.1.4. Logistics Materials Managennt Purchasing Inventory management Sales and distribution Sales Delivery Transport Warehouse Billing

1.2. .NET

1.3. Python

2. Frontend

2.1. Angular

2.1.1. Developments

2.1.2. Deploy

2.2. ASP.NET

2.3. Python

2.4. SAP

2.5. OpenUI5

2.5.1. Deploy

3. Database

4. Infra

5. Processos de negócios