Movie Director

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Movie Director by Mind Map: Movie Director

1. Color theory in movie

1.1. How is colour used in movies?

1.1.1. Is the colour represent the movie genre ?/ How is colour used for each genre

1.1.2. How director uses colour to transmit their emotional to a movie ?

1.1.3. How colour in movie affect the feeling of the audience ?

1.2. Student need to create a questionnaire to support their research and data collection technique to answer your research question.

1.2.1. For the questionaire 1. Do you like movie ? 2. What is your favorite movie genre? 3. What is the common color used in those movies 4. Does colour affect your feeling ?

2. Virtual reality of the movies

2.1. How to use virtual reality in movies?

2.2. How virtual reality deal with traditional film industry?

2.2.1. Will it replace the traditional movie form?

2.2.2. How does it influence movie towards?

3. 3D film-making

3.1. What dies 3D film-making bring to people?

3.1.1. What benefit does it bring?

3.1.2. How does it influence the film culture?

3.1.3. What field does it be used?

3.1.4. What is the difference between 3D film and 2D film?

3.2. Questionnaire

3.2.1. Do you always watch 3D film?

3.2.2. Do you know the theory of 3D film making?

3.2.3. Where do you watch 3D film?

3.2.4. How do you rate the feeling that after you watch the 3D film?