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1. Car

1.1. what do you use the car for?

1.1.1. getting groceries

1.1.2. taking the kids to school?

1.1.3. going to work

1.1.4. i'm a professional driver

1.2. Why do you drive? / do you like driving?

1.2.1. i like it

1.2.2. i do it for a living

1.3. Do you like driving?

1.3.1. I love it!

1.3.2. I have to because..

1.3.3. i'd rather take the bus Did you know that cars are more efficient... recommend self driving electric car

2. Perfume

2.1. How do you like your perfumes?

2.1.1. sweet

2.1.2. fruity

2.1.3. daring

2.1.4. playful

2.1.5. fresh

3. food

3.1. What do you feel like eating tonight?

3.1.1. Meat

3.1.2. vegan

3.1.3. flexitarian

3.1.4. Surprize me

3.2. what's your favorite?

3.2.1. cheddar?

3.2.2. gorgonzola?

3.2.3. cream cheese

4. Samsung:

4.1. Do what you can't

4.1.1. Has someone ever told you that you can't Become a gaming legend? The future is mobile, listen to Ninja and do what you can't everywhere Be famous on Instagram? Lil Miquela is a robot and a huge instagram star. Who said you can't do it? Be a social justice warrior? Follow Millie bobbie Brown on her quest and get inspired Be a world famous dj? Chase your dreams like Steve Aoki and be greater that you thought

4.2. Don't get a new phone, get a new life. Do what you can't and get a Galaxy.

4.2.1. Yes! Choose what you love: Sports my job Speed Entertainment

4.3. Get a new Samsung Galaxy and do what you can't

4.3.1. Choose what you want to do more of workout Work smarter not harder See more things Game

4.4. What are you?

4.4.1. A sports enthusiast

4.4.2. A professional

4.4.3. A photographer

4.4.4. A musician

4.5. Watch me:

4.5.1. Life has it's big moments. Make sure you don't miss them. Get a Galaxy so you can re-live it.

4.6. Choose what describes you

4.7. What's your favrite hobby?

4.7.1. Photography

4.7.2. Sports/hiking

4.7.3. Music

4.7.4. Gaming

5. Electronics:

5.1. Apple

5.2. Tablet/laptop/desktop/

5.2.1. What do you need from your mac? processing power portability adaptability

6. Make up

6.1. What is your type of skin?

6.2. what is your skin tone?

6.3. What is the color of your eyes?

6.3.1. have an info button that can be pressed to explain why eye color is important:How to Choose Makeup Colors

7. choose your lipstick

7.1. What do you prefer?

7.1.1. Liquid How do you apply it? Built in applicator My own brush

7.1.2. Solid What do you prefer? Glossy Matte

8. Car enthusiast

8.1. how often do you wash your car?

8.2. when's the last time you waxed your car?

8.3. do you love your car?

8.4. learn how to take care of it: chemicalbrothers

9. Face cream

9.1. You skin is special. Your face is even more. Make sure to give it the attention it needs

9.1.1. What type of skin do you have? Sensitive What do you prefer? Oily Are you looking for something to.. Damaged Choose what you need Redness skin Do you spend a lot of time in the sun?

10. Just choose:

10.1. Choose a color

10.2. Choose a texture

10.2.1. Leather

10.2.2. Fabric

10.2.3. Mix

10.3. Choose our style

10.3.1. Adventurous

10.3.2. Business

10.3.3. Sport

11. Apple:

11.1. Version1

11.1.1. Q1: where would you use your iPad? home q2: how to spend your time online? work q3: what do you do more at work?

11.1.2. header: the new iPad is here

11.1.3. footer: find your own

11.2. Version2

11.2.1. Q1: do you work? at home? do you... at an office? q4: do you...

11.2.2. header: time for something new

11.2.3. the macs are in

11.3. Version 3

11.3.1. header: too many choices?

11.3.2. footer: let your personality decide

11.3.3. choose the words that you like and get the Mac that you need light doodle writting pro design passion

11.3.4. static image with the words in boxes, select 4-5 words and that will give you a recommendation. words should be animated, not standing still and when clicking on one, it will make it bigger. after enough words are selected, then a new button will appear and will allow you to see the product best for you

11.3.5. make use of fonts, of spelling conventions for the product. (iPad mini, iPad Pro)

11.3.6. Consider recommending from the entire apple line up (mac pro, macbooks, iphones...)