Channel Project Manager

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Channel Project Manager by Mind Map: Channel Project Manager

1. Role Fit

1.1. Project manager

1.1.1. If too senior will want to hire a team

1.1.2. This is not about Agile / Gantt / RACI charts

1.1.3. Organised / Structured

1.1.4. Can Direct People

1.1.5. May need someone senior to setup process but not needed in 9 months time.

1.2. Performance Marketing Professional

1.2.1. Knows how to work with "channels"

1.2.2. Knows how to work with IT

1.3. BDR style

1.3.1. Theres a lot of reaching out

1.3.2. likely to be a sub-employee

1.4. Not an "understood" job category

1.5. Solution Engineer

1.5.1. Marcel suggestion after listening through the problem statement and role

1.5.2. Emeka vetoed immediately 2 roles

2. Problem Statement

2.1. Reactive not Proactive

2.2. Getting Specs / Acccess from "Customer" doesnt meet customer expectations and unprofessional

2.2.1. Specs are often wrong

2.3. Channels Acquisiton require large person time

2.4. Internal coordination to deliver

2.4.1. Sales

2.4.2. Solution enginnering

2.4.3. Solutions / Account Management

2.4.4. Engineering

2.5. Enterprise clients have different expectations than marketing clients

2.6. Channels can be complicated

2.7. Account Managers dont Upsell channels

2.7.1. Churn

2.8. Marketing communication

2.9. Acquisition

2.10. Crap tool choice to manage process

2.10.1. Jira Engineering choice SF fits better

2.10.2. Slack channels are chaos

2.11. No strategy

2.12. No prioritisation

2.13. product management

2.13.1. release notes not aligned

2.13.2. dont seem to care

2.13.3. dont understand the channel requirements

2.13.4. no past experience

2.14. Sales

2.14.1. Just complain they dont have the channels

2.14.2. Arent educated on the channels

2.14.3. cant build prototypes fast to demo channels

2.14.4. dont want time to implement channels to effect their bottom line. cost of sale never accounts for time to build in development sob story : oh we have channel advisor against us, they are charging 10$ a channel etc

2.14.5. avoid the questions dev + im are first to hear dont involve solution engineering to ask the questions

3. Anonymised CV's

3.1. Plan: get some anonymised cvs to try to fit job file

3.2. received

3.2.1. performance marketing closer aware of channels can work with IT and business results oriented and technical narrow focus

3.2.2. sales unstructured typically expects others to do the grunt work typically expects incentivisation not typically delivery focussed results oriented people person can big up our solution but may feel like bullshit to some techy partner managers

3.3. initial brief given

3.3.1. will need to build up and maintain a database of channels (contacts, customers, api credentials, frequency of template updates)

3.3.2. will need to make contact with channels (through client connections, Linkedin premium, scouring websites for registration forms, third party agencies), present our solution, present prospective clients in order to gain access and manage the process of getting Productsup onboarded as an ISV.

3.3.3. This needs planning and internal coordination between the various teams in Productsup (engineering, account management) as well as expectation management of clients requiring these connections

3.3.4. The development team is of a finite size so we need prioritisation and internal expectation management

3.3.5. Channels are global (US, Europe, Asia) so require working and coordinating regional partners and potentially engaging third party companies to help translations etc.

4. Channel Delivery Coordinator

4.1. Demo To Channels

4.1.1. Only from a Channel focus Readyness Analyser tests Datasources PIM ecommerce

4.1.2. Demo to Partner / ISV Managers

4.2. Identify Proper Tools

4.2.1. Jira channel board doesnt work completely unstructured no reminders linked to the tech project for delivery no contacts or email following

4.2.2. Salesforce and outreach are configured for sales only can do all the stuff like follows ups contacts emails, reminders

4.2.3. Asana can support a bit of an afterthought


4.2.5. tracking whole channel process Custom workflows all salesforce and outreach can do yet another tool

4.2.6. coordinate estimates

4.2.7. track channels contacts demos customer / lead demand marketing online documentation requirements ndas relationship updates account management xsell implementation development specs lead time integration complexity mapping time best practices live clients project delivery

4.3. Channel Readyness

4.3.1. Currently UAT for newly create channels doesnt exist last minute efforts before release developers do QA but dont necessarily do it the right way and takes up valuable development time

4.3.2. QA Channel builds with channel test / production systems

4.3.3. Setup templates

4.3.4. Setup analyser tests

4.3.5. document and handover to integrations

4.3.6. productowner liase release notes

4.3.7. coordinate QA with channel itself

4.3.8. coordinate marketing activties

4.4. Setup Channel Database

4.4.1. Channels Contacts @ Clients Live Integration Specs MNDA's Channel updates Emails Marketing passwords

4.4.2. Third-party connections Contacts @ Clients Live Integration Specs Costs / Contracts