The Use of Love in The Great Gatsby

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The Use of Love in The Great Gatsby by Mind Map: The Use of Love in The Great Gatsby

1. Nick

1.1. There was a lot of love with Jordan Baker, but then eventually dies down

1.1.1. “‘They’ll keep out of my way,’ she insisted. ‘It takes two to make an accident.’ ‘Suppose you met somebody just as careless as yourself.’ ‘I hope I never will,’ she answered. ‘I hate careless people. That’s why I like you.’” Pg 62

1.1.2. “She was incurably dishonest. She wasn’t able to endure being at a disadvantage, and given this unwillingness, I suppose she had begun dealing in subterfuges when she was very young in order to keep that cool, insolent smile turned to the world and yet satisfy the demands of her hard jaunty body... “Pg 62

1.2. Of course I knew what they were referring to, but I wasn’t even vaguely engaged. The fact that gossip had published the banns was one of the reasons I had come east. You can’t stop going with an old friend on account of rumors and on the other hand I had no intention of being rumored into marriage. Pg 21

2. Tom

2.1. Tom seems he despises Daisy, but he loves her. It is just Tom's personality.

2.1.1. “I hate the word hulking,” objected Tom crossly, ‘even in kidding.’ ‘Hulking’ insisted Daisy … “You make me uncivilized, Daisy” Pg 13

2.2. When his life falls apart, he decides to give love to Daisy

2.3. Continues with his affairs -- even in East Egg

2.3.1. Myrtle Wilson

2.4. We learn from Jordan that Tom has a history of cheating

2.4.1. ‘When I said you were a particular friend of Tom’s he started to abandon the whole idea. He doesn’t know very much about Tom, though he says he’s read a Chicago paper for years just on the chance of catching a glimpse of Daisy’s name.’

3. Daisy

3.1. Daisy seems to flirt with Nick and Gatsby a lot

3.1.1. ‘“I’m p-paralayzed with happiness.” She laughed again as if she said something very witty…’ Pg 9

3.1.2. “‘You know I love you,’ she murmured. ‘You forget there’s a lady present,’ said Jordan. Daisy looked around doubtfully. ‘You kiss Nick too.’ ‘What a low, vulgar girl!’ ‘I don’t care!’ cried Daisy and began to clog on the brick fireplace” Pg 123 Daisy's love, Myrtle's death, Tom and Gatsby's arguments, his own death, and George's as well

3.2. Daisy has trust and loyalty to Tom

3.3. Restarts friendship with Gatsby

3.3.1. Daisy ends

3.4. She is married to Tom

3.4.1. Though she is not very happy with the marriage, she still stays loyal to Tom “I hate the word hulking,” objected Tom crossly, ‘even in kidding.’ ‘Hulking’ insisted Daisy … “You make me uncivilized, Daisy” Pg 13 "'I never loved him,' she said, with perceptible reluctance" Pg140 "'Even alone I can't say I never loved Tom,' she admitted in a pitiful voice. 'It wouldn't be true.' Pg 141

3.5. Chicago to East Egg

3.5.1. Daisy figured out that Tom was cheating on her with many girls in Chicago

3.5.2. Once in a while I go off on a spree and make a fool of myself, but I always come back, and in my heart I love her all the time.’ Pg 139 ‘Do you know why we left Chicago? I’m surprised that they didn’t treat you to the story of that little spree.’ Pg 139 They've been 5 years apart, and Gatsby is still in love with Daisy These 2 quotations are saying that Daisy knew about the cheating going on, and tried to relocate to minimize the cheating -- but he still did even in East Egg

4. Gatsby

4.1. His obsession with past events caused all of these problems

4.1.1. "'Gatsby bought the house so that Daisy would be just across the bay'"(4,83) Gatsby figures out that Daisy moved to the East Egg, so Gatsby decides to move to the West Egg to show his wealth

4.2. Gatsby uses Nick to contact Daisy

4.2.1. Gatsby is extremely nice to Nick, and even offers Nick a job

4.2.2. "'He wants to know,' continued Jordan, 'if you'll invite Daisy to your house some afternoon and then let him come over" (4.83)

4.3. Huge weekly parties were trying to get Daisy there

4.4. Gets rich by doing illegal business

4.4.1. Does this because Daisy will and would not date a poor man, learned from experience and Daisy's parents would not approve

4.4.2. Questionable dealings with Wolfsheim,

4.5. “His heart beat faster and faster as Daisy’s white face came up to his own.” Pg 118

4.6. ‘Oh, you want too much!’ she cried to Gatsby. ‘I love you now—isn’t that enough? I can’t help what’s past.’ She began 142 The Great Gatsby to sob helplessly. ‘I did love him once—but I loved you too. Pg 140

4.7. Gatsby using Jordan to contact Nick

4.7.1. think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties, some night,’ went on Jordan, ‘but she never did. Then he began asking people casually if they knew her, and I was the first one he found. It was that night he sent for me at his dance, and you should have heard the elaborate way he worked up to it. Of course, I immediately suggested a luncheon in New York—and I thought he’d go mad: 86 The Great Gatsby ’ ‘I don’t want to do anything out of the way!’ he kept saying. ‘I want to see her right next door.’ Pg84

5. Myrtle

5.1. Married George because he proclaimed that he was richer than he was

5.2. Was having an affair with Tom

6. George

6.1. Decides to kill Gatsby at his house because Tom proclaimed that he killed Myrtle

6.1.1. “It was after we started with Gatsby toward the house that the gardener saw Wilson’s body a little way off in the grass, and the holocaust was complete.” Pg 172

6.1.2. George cannot handle the pain anymore, and decides to kill Gatsby as revenge

6.2. George is a revenge seeker

6.3. He wants to move away from the town because he thinks that Myrtle is having an affair

7. Jordan

7.1. She ends up going into a relationship with a different man

7.2. She was in love with Nick, by holding hands, and flirting