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Characteristics by Mind Map: Characteristics

1. Inclusive Education

1.1. LRE

1.1.1. students are placed in the best place for them, they are just "shipped off" to another school, everything is done to help make learning equal

1.2. Assistive technology

1.2.1. helps students with disabilities stay in general education classrooms, gives students help with things they may struggle with

1.3. co-teaching

1.3.1. sped and gen-ed teachers working together to give every student the best possible education, not having students pulled out of the gen-ed classrooms

1.4. Visual learning

1.4.1. things such as visual schedules or graphic organizers that help students learn and stay focused

1.5. participation in everything

1.5.1. ALL students have the right to participate in classes, extracurricular activities, and standardized testing

1.6. adaptations and modifications

1.6.1. helps lower the disadvantages that a student with disabilities might have in a general education classroom.

1.7. equality

1.7.1. everyone is given the chance at everything, students that need accommodations and modifications are given them so they have the same chances

1.8. collaboration/teamwork

1.8.1. everyone in the school works together to ensure that every child is getting the best possible education, sharing resources and ideas, communicating

1.9. parent involvement

1.9.1. parents are aware of all their rights and their child's rights. Parents are involved in decision making and are up to date on their child's progress.

2. Partners

2.1. honesty

2.1.1. being open, telling the truth, not talking behind someones back

2.2. collaboration

2.2.1. working together to achieve a common goal, helping each other out, sharing ideas on a project

2.3. respect

2.3.1. being able to have a difference in opinion, but still being able to work together

2.4. commonality

2.4.1. sharing somethings in common, having some similar hobbies that you can share together.

2.5. equality

2.5.1. one person isn't making all the decisions whether they're big or small

2.6. invested

2.6.1. both people want the the partnership to be successful and are willing to put in the time for it to be

2.7. supportive

2.7.1. each person is supportive of the other person's goals and ideas. help each other reach their full potential.