Reading Lesson Plan

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Reading Lesson Plan by Mind Map: Reading Lesson Plan

1. Ohio Reading Content Standard: -Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

2. The students will learn their ABC’s along with the phonetics of it. We will then have a game for upper and lower case memorization.

3. Kindergarten


5. Students are expected to know their ABC’s and the sound each one makes. Then we will go over upper case lower case and identify the matches of each.

6. In the future, students will use this information when structuring their papers for writing.

7. METHOD (S) OF TEACHING THIS LESSON: I will teach this by creating a KWL chart with the students and then go from there. -Create a KWL chart with students at the beginning -Go over ABC’s with them along with phonetics. -Then I will talk to them about upper and lower case and what they mean. -I will give an example of when to use the upper and lower case letters. -Then I will have an activity for them to do. -At the end of the lesson we will talk about as a class about what we learned and finish the “L” part of our KWL chart.

8. GUIDED QUESTIONS: -What do you notice about the start of a sentence? -What does upper case mean along with lower case? -Ask some questions about what belongs with a lower case “a,b,c...”

9. I plan to show the students videos on Youtube. For example, I found this one. Kids Reading Lesson 1 - abc's Learning Upper and Lowercase Letters | LOTTY LEARNS It has lots of colors and will be able to keep children’s attention.

10. ACCOMMODATIONS EXTENSIONS: I would adapt to younger/older kids by finding a more challenging for those who are more advanced such as writing sentences or finding another worksheet that has them structure a sentence. For younger children I might want to teach them the alphabet and upper/lower case. Start with the basics.

11. EVALUATION: I am going to use the KWL chart and use the “L” part to evaluate the students. For older kids they can write their “L” on a post it. For younger kids we can do the “L” part together and I can write it on the board.