Web 2.0 Tools and Mobile Apps

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Web 2.0 Tools and Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools and Mobile Apps

1. Apps for Coaches

1.1. Hudl - This app allows for players and coaches to watch their game film. The game film can be requested and traded between other coaches. Players can have access to the team's Hudl account so they can watch film of themselves or opponents. Hudl: We Help Teams and Athletes Win

1.1.1. Remind - This app allows groups of people to communicate easily and as a whole group. This is great for teams, because coaches can make announcements to the whole group, such as schedule changes and other team announcements. Remind Group Me - This app allows for group leaders to add any and all individuals that they wish. All members of the group can communicate through this app. The app is open which make it easy for coaches to make announcements to teams. Calendy - This is a great tool that can help coaches or athletic administrators stay organized. This digital calendar automatically blocks off a date and time if you have something planned already for then. This would help not to over book a gym or field, if you are an AD. Calendly - Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly.

2. Tools for Networking

2.1. Facebook - This is one of the most popular tools used today. This tool is a great form of communication, advertising, and sharing different beliefs and ideas. People are accepted as, "friends," and then you can see everything that all of your, "friends," post or share about. https://www.facebook.com/?stype=lo&jlou=AfdU8dYWeDuSeu-odF94af9qZgxM5wTVjbpi-ffVT38GgP2uWsOkf68SMlFbhVe6pqS-c9TMTc3Dp1ijn261JzF8&smuh=27627&lh=Ac-VqijQrbrndQJM

2.1.1. Twitter - This tool is great for communicating and staying in touch with others you care about. Comments, pictures, and beliefs can be posted or tweeted and all of the people that follow you can see what you said. This is great for teachers and coaches because students and athletes can follow so you can present information that you want them to see. Teachers and coaches may also look at their peers to if there is anything they can learn to help better themselves. Twitter. It's what's happening.bird Linkedin - is a professional networking tool. People who are involved can create a profile for others to view. This is great for recruiting. The profile you create can lead to job opportunities through the Linkedin site. As well as employers looking at your profile in trying to recruit new employees. LinkedIn: Log In or Sign Up Pinterest - This tool allows people to search for anything that they are interested in and post about it, or "pin" it to their board. This is a great tool for teachers as they can pin different learning strategies or lessons or class room ideas and it makes it easy for other teachers to go to their board and follow what they have pinned. Pinterest

3. Tools For Educators

3.1. Google Docs - This tool allows students to collaborate together online while working on the same document. All people that the document is shared with have access to it and can edit and add things simultaneously. As a teacher this is a great thing to use in the classroom for group projects because the documents can be shared and all students involved can be held accountable. <img src="https://media.wired.com/photos/5927155e7034dc5f91bed964/master/pass/Google-Docs-Icon-lead.jpg" alt="Image result for google docs"/>

3.1.1. Gmail - This tool makes communicating very easy. This email service allows you to add attachments and links very easily. If all students have a Gmail account it would greatly benefit communication within the class. <img src="https://images.idgesg.net/images/article/2018/04/google-gmail-logo-100755954-large.jpg" alt="Image result for gmail"/> Google Classroom - This tool is great for communicating to a certain group, such as a class of students. The teacher can post assignments on the class home page and all of the students can access the assignments. The teacher can also add separate announcements, pictures, and can grade and return scores through Google Classroom. Google Slides - This tool allows for students to create slideshows to present information. The slides can be shared with other students so more than one student can work on them at a time, which makes this good for group projects.