Abel / Andrea Projects

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Abel / Andrea Projects by Mind Map: Abel / Andrea Projects

1. Funnel Scope

1.1. Funnel

1.1.1. Traffic Round 1 : Primer: Build Launch Pixel Facebook Adwords, Twitter, Linkedin Round 2 : Launch Lead Magnets : CaseStudy & MasterClass Lite [email protected] Remarketing List [email protected] Remarketing List Organic

1.1.2. Funnel Tripwire Awareness Frames CaseStudy / Master Class Lite Core Offer Automated Webinar FUF: All Casestudy & MasterClass Leads Remarketing: 2

1.1.3. Collateral Needed Define Master Class Part 1 What Is the Bullet point summary of the training - 5-7 Case Study: Success Story Recorded Background Before: Problem/Pain Middle: Implementation After: Outcome Achieved Core Offer Product Pre Recored Training List of Share links Define Target Profile Industries Job titles Products used Workflow Have a Meeting Build Funnel CopyWriting Design Tracking & Tagging & Custom Audiences Set up Advertising Campaigns

2. Bootstrap Rainmaker : Property Promotion Project

2.1. CopyWriting

2.1.1. Review Meeting Video and Segment Copy Commentary Build a Customer Profile Avatar Page Copy Tripwire Webinar Funnel Ad Copy Problem Aware Follow Up Email Copy Remarketing 1 - FUF: Optin/no MS Class Follow Up Ad Copy Webinar Registration

3. Small Business Blueprint

3.1. Product Strategy

3.1.1. Flow Lead Magnet Tripwire DIY: Small Business Blueprint $297

3.1.2. Core Product Ideas Product Launch Funnel + Traffic Lead Magnet Funnel + Traffic Lead Magnet + Tripwire Funnel + Traffic Webinar Funnel + Traffic Application Funnel + Traffic

3.1.3. Outline Ideas Unique Tripwire + Unique Core Product ( Webinar Funnel) - General Niche Lead Magnet + Niche Value Video... SaaS Lead Magnet + Niche Value Video... Coaching / Consultants Lead Magnet + Niche Value Video... Ecommerce Lead Magnet + Niche Value Video... Consultation Funnel Copywriting Consults Ad Traffic Consults

3.2. Niche

3.2.1. Ecommerce Use Purevata as a Case Study

3.2.2. Coaching / Consultants

3.2.3. SaaS