KA Dynamic Color Innovative Digital Billboards

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KA Dynamic Color Innovative Digital Billboards by Mind Map: KA Dynamic Color Innovative Digital Billboards

1. Untitled

2. Background

2.1. company´s current situation

2.1.1. Business Plan - Executive Summary Most important is liquidity, be stingy with your money! especially for banks and financiers benefits ROI ! Book: "Business for Punks" James Watt

2.1.2. History Hkidma Street 7 Yokne'am Illit 2060000 Israel now: Zur Yigal

2.1.3. product stage Hardware interfaces Construction for mounting / demounting? Software client applications web / cloud applications Is there a separation (-> Know how) between hardware and software technically (modules)? Background: Option of cost-effective production of large quantities of hardware , without expertise loss? How is the system to be trained? Easy to use? Produkt requirements for international sales? EU GB USA China ?

2.1.4. direct customer benefit?

2.1.5. indirect customer benefit

2.1.6. Problems?

2.2. unique features

2.2.1. Please explain simple (drawings etc.)

2.2.2. Who needs your system or who not?

2.2.3. Alternative Technologies

2.2.4. custom fit solutions posible

2.3. If the system can be immediately used by the customer?

2.3.1. requirements and regulations Germany Construction supervision authority of the cities and federal states Long-term contracts with the cities Currently, the first LED billboards are approved Rising energy prices (the highest in Europe) EU Use in Germany as a reference for Europe

2.3.2. Product documentation What is required? by law So that the customer can work perfectly with it. (also a naive user!)

2.3.3. Adjustments,Tests, ...

2.3.4. Trainings

2.3.5. users want solutions, not single components and software Aids for the users Adapters (Sensor- and Software-Interface) Configurators Software for data analysis

2.4. There are different product / system variants - modularized?

2.4.1. retail price ?

2.4.2. production costs ?

2.4.3. rental fee ?

2.5. Who / where are / will adapt, manufactured and assembled the components?

2.5.1. Know-how protection?

2.5.2. Requirements for small series production Selection of companies? Company for customized production of electronic assemblies, components and devices in small series? Products with protective coating, potting or completely assembled as a terminal device? Cooperation from specifications to serial production at least minimum 2 companies

2.5.3. Criteria for site selection

2.5.4. Cooperation with producers of technology under license?

2.6. Who makes the installation and after sales service?

2.6.1. How complex are the requirements? Electricians Fitters for machinery and equipment Manufacturers of KA Dynamic Color customers Service companies for electronics Training and Instruction of these partners depending on the country possibly different

2.6.2. life time ? robustness against air pollution etc.? storm resistance? exchange of individual tiles?

2.6.3. Warranty period and -services

2.6.4. service contracts

2.6.5. Hotline by phone KA Dynamic Color Call Center online

2.6.6. replacement of the broken hardware system? Electric and Data wires printed circuit board + electronic components. Transfer software?

2.6.7. Hardware and Software Services? Updates

2.7. current customers

2.7.1. How many systems have been sold / in field tested?

2.7.2. Are there different types of end customers?

2.7.3. partners for distribution existing partners desired partners

2.7.4. Which business model?

2.8. current competitors

2.8.1. strengthen

2.8.2. weaknesses

3. Potential markets, customer needs and underserved customer segments

3.1. How do you see the perspective development of the market for the system?

3.1.1. billboards 44% of market share 10,8 bn Euro

3.1.2. growing market 98% non-digital billboards

3.1.3. 6 to 10 times more profitable than printed billboards

3.2. Current market leader

3.2.1. Monopolies in Europe Ströer 13.000 Employee https://www.stroeer.com/en/company/portfolio-of-services.html Untitled Wall Decaux Freund Group www.AWK.de DPW PLAKATUNION www.plakatunion.de

3.2.2. Smaller regional companies MOXXO Chemnitz https://www.riesenposter.eu/ MOPLAK Medien Service GmbH https://www.moplak.de/

3.3. producers of large scale billboards (with motiv change)

3.3.1. Megalight BSOL GmbH - Abteilung Producing Line Siebensterngasse 7/1 A - 1070 Wien Tel: 01/ 997 1868 Fax: 01/ 997 1868 - 99 E-Mail: [email protected]

3.3.2. Ströer?

3.3.3. Replacement Large Scale Billboards with Motiv Change LED Road Side Screens

3.4. Technology / Applications / Market Strategy Matrix (from existing businesses to risk opportunities)

3.4.1. existing applications we serve Digital Billboards scalable day and night less than 5% of the energy consumption of LED we do not serve (competitors) not existing applications

3.4.2. existing technology we have we do not have (competitors) not existing technology

3.4.3. existing markets we serve Out of home advertising market Digital Billboards trucks and trailers? we do not serve (competitors) not existing markets

4. Who would be strategic customers

4.1. What qualities should a customer have?

4.2. In which regions / sectors do you see opportunities?

5. Site selection in Germany?

5.1. Where are the customers and decision makers?

5.2. costs for employees and rooms

5.3. Financial supports

5.3.1. Research and Development

5.3.2. production and facilities

5.3.3. market access and launch

5.3.4. staff

5.3.5. financiers Federal Government (application by various institutions) http://www.foerderdatenbank.de/Foerder-DB/Navigation/root.html http://www.foerderinfo.bund.de/ http://www.zim-bmwi.de/ Federal States https://www.sab.sachsen.de/unternehmen/f%C3%B6rderprogramme/fue-projektf%C3%B6rderung.jsp?topicID=73029

5.4. contact points in Germany

5.4.1. Economic promotion agencies

5.4.2. Industrial and commercial chambers

5.4.3. Universities and colleges TU Dresden

5.4.4. Federal Banks

5.4.5. companies

5.4.6. Dr. Andreas Voigt e-Mail [email protected] Mobil +49 172 7043099

6. Who would be strategic partners / Investors

6.1. What qualities should a partner have?

6.2. Who can improve with KA Dynamic Color system his own product greatly?

6.3. In which regions do you see opportunities?

6.4. Innovative points of presence?

6.4.1. Trade Shows first as visitor Sign & Expo Munich

6.4.2. conferences

6.4.3. Expo Dubai? Israeli pavilion

6.5. NOT ?

7. What are new additional services throughout the life cycle?

7.1. Crowd Sourcing

7.1.1. Contact: [email protected]

8. Alternative technological adaptations and new application fields?

8.1. Crowd Sourcing

8.1.1. Contact: [email protected]

9. Business Model

9.1. also as White-Label-Product?

9.2. System A with only basic functions

9.3. System B with special functions

9.4. Licensing to manufacturers of mega-light billboards

10. Financial support

10.1. from the producer of licenced technology

10.2. Phase II

10.2.1. ???

10.3. Money for business promotion and product development from Federal Republic of Germany and the federal states

10.4. Venture Capital

10.4.1. What with KA Dynamic Color after exit VC?