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Furr Rides by Mind Map: Furr Rides

1. Date And Time Stamp

2. Informative Website

3. Admin Panel

3.1. Email

3.2. Customer Information

3.2.1. Name

3.2.2. Profile Photo

3.2.3. Number

3.2.4. Trips History From - To Price Date And Time Stamp Driver

3.3. Current Bookings

3.3.1. From - To

3.3.2. Price

3.3.3. Driver

3.4. Accounts

3.4.1. Need information on this

3.5. Send Notification

3.5.1. Driver / Operator Information

3.6. Driver OnBoarding

3.6.1. Name

3.6.2. Driving Licence Number

3.6.3. Vehicle Details Vehicle Document RC DL Insurance Aadhar

3.6.4. Bank Account Details Name Account Number IFSC Bank Name Bank Branch

3.7. Tracking

3.7.1. Send FCM from admin to phone and get location

4. Operator / Driver App

4.1. Menu

4.1.1. Dashboard Active Cars Inactive Cars Current Balance Today's Payment Filter Today Yesterday Last 7 Days Last 30 Days Operator Bill Car Id Car Model Total Amount from that car All Car Total Amount

4.1.2. Track Send FCM to phone and get location

4.1.3. Fleet All Drivers Driver Name Driver Status Filter All Cars Car Id Car Model Car Status Filter

4.1.4. Incentives Messages(Notifications section) Only Text notification Need information on this

4.1.5. Settings

4.1.6. Download Partner App Play Store

4.1.7. Share Partner App Preset Text can be send from what ever options available on their phone

4.1.8. Support FAQ Topics

4.1.9. About Terms and conditions(Web Link) Privacy Policy (Web Link)

5. Customer App

5.1. location Permission

5.1.1. Get In Process Mobile number OTP Verification(If new User) password

5.1.2. Home Page Map Booking Options Auto

5.1.3. Menu Old Trips Trips History Help I Was involved in an accident Review my fare or fees I Lost an item My driver was unprofessional I Had a different issues My driver didn't match the driver photo in my app Settings Profile Address FAQ SignOut Contact us Notifications

6. Sub Admin

6.1. On board

6.2. off road