Fallout 4 Goals

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Fallout 4 Goals by Mind Map: Fallout 4 Goals

1. Normal Playthrough (Railroad Playthrough)

2. Kill Everything Playthrough

3. Melee Only Playthrough

4. No Vats Playthrough (Brotherhood Playthrough)

5. Complete Unarmed Only Playthrough (Institute Ending)

6. Permadeath Survival Playthrough

7. 100% Playthrough with More Goals (Railroad Playthrough)

7.1. All Quests Completed

7.1.1. Main Story Out of Time Jewel of the Commonwealth Unlikely Valentine Getting a Clue Reunions Dangerous Minds The Glowing Sea Hunter/Hunted The Molecular Level Institutionalized When Freedom Calls The First Step Taking Independence Old Guns Inside Job Form Ranks Defend the Castle The Nuclear Option With Our Powers Combined

7.1.2. Side Quests Minutemen Returning the Favor Out of the Fire Troubled Waters Sanctuary The Sight Brotherhood Reveille Fire Support Call to Arms Semper Invicta Shadow of Steel Railroad Road to Freedom Tradecraft Other Cambridge Polymer Labs Confidence Man Curtain Call Dependency Diamond City Blues Emogene Takes a Lover Here Kitty, Kitty Here There Be Monsters Hole in the Wall Human Error In Sheep's Clothing Kid in a Fridge Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution Mystery Meat Order Up Out in Left Field Painting the Town Pickman's Gift Public Knowledge Pull the Plug Short Stories Special Delivery Story of the Century The Big Dig The Devil's Due The Disappearing Act The Gilded Grasshopper The Marowski Heist The Memory Den The Secret of Cabot House The Silver Shroud Trouble Brewin' Vault 75 Vault 81

7.1.3. DLCs Automatron Mechanical Menace A New Threat Headhunting Restoring Order Far Harbor Far From Home Walk in the Park Where You Belong Best Left Forgotten The Way Life Should Be Cleansing the Land Reformation Close to Home Brain Dead Shipbreaker Acadian Ideals Data Recovery The Arrival The Price of Memory Hunting the Hunter Blood Tide Hull Breach Hull Breach 2 Hull Breach 3 Living On the Edge Rite of Passage Safe Passage The Changing Tide The Great Hunt The Hold Out Turn Back the Fog Vault-Tec Workshop Vault-Tec Calling Better Living Underground A Model Citizen Explore Vault 88 Power to the People The Watering Hole Vision of the Future Lady Luck Overseer's Most Wanted Nuka-World All Aboard Taken for a Ride An Ambitious Plan The Grand Tour A Magical Kingdom A World of Refreshment High Noon at the Gulch Safari Adventure Star Control Home Sweet Home Power Play Amoral Combat Cappy in a Haystack Open Season Precious Medals Trip to the Stars

7.1.4. Companion Quests Benign Intervention (Cait) Emergent Behavior (Curie) Long Road Ahead (MacCready) Long Time Coming (Nick)

7.2. All Locations Discovered

7.2.1. Settlements Inhabited Abernathy Farm Bunker Hill Covenant County Crossing Finch Farm Graygarden Greentop Nursery Hangman's Alley Nordhagen Beach Oberland Station Somerville Place Tenpines Bluff The Slog Warwick Homestead Uninhabited Boston Airport Coastal Cottage Croup Manor Egret Tours Marina Home Plate Jamaica Plain Kingsport Lighthouse Murkwater Construction Site Outpost Zimonja Red Rocket Truck Stop Sanctuary Hills Spectacle Island Starlight Drive In Sunshine Tidings Co-op Taffington Boathouse The Castle

7.2.2. Boston Andrew Station Back Street Apparel BADTFL Regional Office Beantown Brewery Big John's Salvage Boston Bugle Building Boston Common Boston Public Library Boylston Club C.I.T. Ruins Cabot House Cambridge Campus Diner Cambridge Crater Cambridge Police Station Cambridge Polymer Labs Campus Law Offices Charles View Amphitheater Coast Guard Pier College Square Collegiate Administration Building Combat Zone Custom House Tower D.B. Technical High School Dartmouth Professional Building Diamond City Diamond City Market East Boston Police Station East Boston Preparatory School Fallen Skybridge Faneuil Hall Fens Street Sewer Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant Fraternal Post 115 Garden Terrace General Atomics Galleria General Atomics Factory Gibson Point Pier Goodneighbor Greenetech Genetics Gunners Plaza Gwinnett Brewery HalluciGen, Inc. Garbormaster Hotel Hardware Town Haymarket Mall Hesters Consumer Robotics Hubris Comics Hub City Auto Wreckers Irish Pride Industries Shipyard Layton Towers Makra Fishpacking Malden Center Malden Middle School Mass Bay Medical Center Mass Fusion Building Mass Fusion Containment Shed Mass Pike Tunnel West Mass Pike Tunnel East Massachusetts State House Medical Center Metro Medford Memorial Hospital Monsignor Plaza Old Corner Bookstore Old Granary Burying Ground Old North Church Park Street Station Parkview Apartments Pickman Gallery Police Precinct 8 Postal Square Prydwen Relay Tower 0MC-810 Relay Tower 0SC-527 Relay Tower 1DL-109 S. Boston Military Checkpoint South Boston High School South Boston Police Department Swan's Pond The Gwinnett Restaurant The Shamrock Taphouse Trinity Plaza Trinity Tower Tucker Memorial Bridge University Point University Point Pharmacy USS Constitution Vault-Tec Regional HQ Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ

7.2.3. Commonwealth ArcJet Systems Atom Cats Garage Bedford Station Boston Mayoral Shelter Boston Police Rationing Site Breakheart Banks Chestnut Hillock Reservoir Concord Corvega Assembly Plant Crater House Cutler Bend Dark Hollow Pond Drumlin Diner Dunwich Borers Easy City Downs Electrical Hobbyist's Club Fairline Hill Estates Fallon's Department Store Federal Ration Stockpile Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates Forest Grove Marsh Fort Hagen Fort Hagen Filling Station Fort Hagen Satellite Array Fort Strong Gorski Cabin Greater Mass Blood Clinic Hyde Park Hugo's Hole Jalbert Brothers Disposal Kendall Hospital Lake Cochituate Lake Quannapowitt Lexington Lexington Apartments Libertalia Listening Post Bravo Longneck Lukowski's Cannery Lynn Pier Parking Lynn Woods Mass Fusion Disposal Site Mass Gravel & Sand Mass Pike Interchange Med-Tek Research Museum of Freedom Mystic Pines Nahant Chapel Nahant Oceanological Society Nahant Wharf Natick Banks Natick Police Department National Guard Training Yard Neponset Park Old Gullet Sinkhole Parsons Creamery Parsons State Insane Asylum Peabody House Poseidon Energy Poseidon Energy Turbine No. 18-F Poseidon Reservoir Quincy Police Station Quincy Quarries Quincy Ruins Radio Tower 3SM-U81 Ranger Cabin Recon Bunker Theta Reeb Marina Relay Tower 0BB-915 Revere Beach Station Revere Satellite Array Roadside Pines Motel Robotics Disposal Ground Robotics Pioneer Park Rocky Narrows Park Rook Family House Rotten Landfill Salem Sandy Coves Convalescent Home Saugus Ironworks Scrap Palace Shaw High School Skylanes Flight 1981 Slocum Joe's Corporate HQ Suffolk County Charter School Super Duper Mart Thicket Excavations USAF Satellite Station Olivia Walden Pond Wattz Consumer Electronics West Roxbury Station Westing Estate Weston Water Treatment Plant Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup Wildwood Cemetery Wilson Atomatoys Factory Wreck of the FMS Northern Star Wreck of the USS Riptide WRVR Broadcast Station

7.2.4. Glowing Sea Abadoned Shack Atlantic Offices Capsized Factory Crater of Atom Decayed Reactor Site Decrepit Factory Federal Supply Cache 84NE Forgotten Church Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church O'Neill Family Manufacturing Red Rocket Filling Station Cave Relay Tower 0DB-521 Rocky Cave Sentinel Site Skylanes Flight 1665 Super-Duper Mart Cave Vertibird Wreckage

7.2.5. Vaults Vault 75 Vault 81 Vault 88 Vault 95 Vault 111 Vault 114

7.2.6. Far Harbor Mount Desert Island Acadia Aldersea Day Spa Atom's Spring Basement Armory Beaver Creek Lanes Briney's Bait and Tackle Brooke's Head Lighthouse Children of Atom Shrine Cliff's Edge Hotel Cranberry Island Bog Cranberry Island Docks Cranberry Island Supply Shed Dalton Farm DiMA's Cache Eagle's Cove Tannery Echo Lake Lumber Eden Meadows Cinemas Far Harbor Fringe Cove Docks Glowing Grove Haddock Cove Harbor Grand Hotel Horizon Flight 1207 Huntress Island Kitteredge Pass Longfellow's Cabin MS Azalea Nakano Residence National Park Campground National Park Headquarters National Park Visitor's Center Northwood Ridge Quarry Oceanarium Old Pond House Pine Crest Cavern Pump Control Radiant Crest Shrine Rayburn Point Red Death Island Rock Point Camp Ruined Church Ruined Radio Tower Southwest Harbor The Last Plank The Nucleus Vault 118 Vim! Pop Factory Waves Crest Orphanage Wind Farm Maintenance Zephyr Ridge Camp

7.2.7. Nuka-World Nuka-World Bradberton Bradberton Overpass Dry Rock Gulch Dunmore Homestead Evan's Home Galactic Zone Grandchester Mystery Mansion Hubologist's Camp Kiddie Kingdom Morton Residence Northpoint Reservoir Nuka-Town USA Nuka-Station Nuka-World Junkyard Nuka-World Power Plant Nuka-World Red Rocket Nuka-World Transit Center Safari Adventure Wixon's Shovel Musuem World of Refreshment

7.3. All Unique Armor and Weapons

7.3.1. Weapons Ballistic Weapons Pistols Rifles Shotguns Heavy Weapons Energy Weapons Laser Plasma Other Radiation Weapons Lorenzo's Artifact Gun Zeta Gun Melee Weapons Bladed Blunt Fist

7.3.2. Armor Clothing (Under Armor) BOS Officer Uniform Legend of Vault 88 Vault 111 Jumpsuit Vault 118 Jumpsuit Unique Body Armor Parts Mantis Left Armguard Mantis Left Greave Protector's Left Armguard Protector's Right Armguard Wastelander's Chest Piece Wastelander's Right Leg Apocalypse Chestplate Apocalypse Left Greave Champion Chestpiece Champion Left Arm Champion Right Arm Devastator's Chestpiece Devastator's Right Greave Commando Chest Piece Commando Helmet Steadfast BOS Combat Armor Chest Piece Destroyer's Helmet Destroyer's Helmet Destroyer's Chest Piece Destroyer's Left Arm Destroyer's Left Leg Destroyer's Right Leg Freefall Armor Left Leg Freefall Armor Right Leg Overseer's Left Armguard Overseer's Right Armguard Black Ops Chestpiece Black Ops Right Shinguard Mark 2 Synth Chest Piece Mark 2 Synth Helmet Mark 3 Synth Chest Piece Mark 3 Synth Right Arm Mark 4 Synth Chest Piece Mark 4 Synth Left Leg Acadia's Shield Outfits (No Armor Over) Agatha's Dress Brotherhood Fatigues (officer) Brotherhood Fatigues (medic) Cabot's Lab Coat Chase's Uniform Corset Father's Lab Coat Fatigues Feathered Dress Gage's Armor Grognak Costume Hunter's Long Coat Kellogg's Outfit Legend of the Harbor Lorenzo's Suit MacCready's Duster Magician's Tuxedo Mason's Outfit Maxson's Battlecoat Mechanist's Armor Minutemen General's Uniform Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit Nuka-World Jumpsuit Quinlan's Armor Red Frock Coat Red Leather Trench Coat Reginald's Suit Rescue Diver Suit Robes of Atom's Devoted Silver Shroud Costume Submariner Uniform Tattered Field Jacket Teagan's Armor Zeke's Jacket and Jeans Headwear Inquisitor's Cowl Mechanist's Helmet Grandpa Savoldi's Hat Lieutenant's Hat MacCready's Hat Mascot Head Minutemen General's Hat Oswald's Tophat Press Cap Silver Shroud Hat The Captain's Hat The Dapper Gent Tinker Headgear Cappy Glasses Liam's Glasses

7.4. One of Every Weapon/Armor/Etc.

7.4.1. Weapons Ballistic Weapons Pistols Rifles Shotguns Pipe Weapons Heavy Weapons Energy Weapons Laser Plasma Radiation Weapons Gamma Gun Poison Weapons Acid Soaker Explosives Thrown Placed Faction Explosives Traps Bear Trap Bleeding Bear Trap Caltrops Poisoned Caltrops Melee Weapons Bladed Blunt Fist Weapons Boxing Glove Deathclaw Gauntlet Knuckles Meat Hook Power Fist

7.4.2. All Completed Armor Sets Raider Leather Metal Combat Synth DC Guard Vault-Tec Security Robot Trapper Marine Disciples Operators Pack

7.4.3. All Magazines Astoundingly Awesome Tales Attack of the Fishmen Rise of the Mutants! Deep Sea Terror! Invasion of the Zetans When Apes Go Bananas! My Brain and I... The Man Who Could Stop Time Attack of the Metal Men Have Dog, Will Travel! The Mad Russian's Revenge The Starlet Sniper Curse of the Burned! Giant Insects Invade Rise of the Radiated Grognak the Barbarian Blood on the Harp Cometh the Trickster Jungle of the Bat-Babies In the Bosom of the Corsair Queen Demon Slaves, Demon Sands Enter Maula: War Maiden of Mars Fatherless Cur! Lost in the Snows of Lust In the Lair of the Virgin Eater What Sorcery is This? Guns and Bullets The Future of Hunting? Lasers & Hunting: Acceptable Overkill Little Guns for Little Ladies Street Guns of Detroit Avoid Those Pesky Gun Laws The Moon: A Communist Doomsday Device? Take Aim, Army Style Bear Proofing Your Campsite Plasma - The Weapon of Tomorrow Guide to Hunting Commies Live & Love Fabulous 1st Issue: Life Long Best Friends! Nuke-The-Man Trim the Fat The Secretary Charmer Talk Yourself Sober Advice From Marred Men Beware the Man Handler An Experience to Remember I Married a Robot! Massachusetts Surgical Journal Better Living Through Chems Cryo Technology: Haven or Tomb! ER Nurses Confess ALl Finding Your Funny Bone Happy Sedation Special Let's Play Doctor! Pay Now, Get Better Later! Raised by Robots Scars Are Cool Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor How to Run a Successful Vendor Stand Capitalism & You The Art of Haggling Benefits of Child Labor Take Your Business on the Road The Joy of Wealth Why I Sold My Mother Suit Up & Succeed Tesla Science Magazine 10 Number 1 Hits! Future of Warfare? Geckos and Gamma Radiation Giant Super Weapons Rocket Science for Toddlers Tomorrow's Technology for Today's Super Soldiers U.S. Army Goes to Space What is Plasma, Anyway? Will Robots Rule the World? Tumblers Today Bobby Pins - More Effective Than Lockpicks? Confessions of a Housebreaker Open Any Lock in 5 Seconds Flat Locksmith Certification Special - Pass With Flying Colors Mysteries of the Master Key Exposed U.S. Covert Operations Manual Whistling in the Dark Urban Camouflage Facepaint Fundamentals Not the Soldiers You're Looking For Who Goes There? Squeaky Floorboard, Sudden Death Bushes, Boxes and Beehives Camouflage Special Getting the Drop on Communists Look Better in Black Tiptoe Through the Tulips Unstoppables Commie-Kazi VS. Manta Man Dr. Brainwash and His Army of De-Capitalists Trapped In the Dimension of the Pterror-Dactyls! Visit the Ux-Ron Galaxy! Who Can Stop the Unstoppable Grog-Na-Rok?! Wasteland Survival Guide Farming the Wastes Insect Repellent Special The Bright Side of Radiation Poisoning The Scrapyard Home Decoration Guide Guide to Diamond City Commonwealth Coupon Spectacular Water Aerobics for Ghouls Self-Defense Secrets Hunting in the Wastes Islander's Almanac Pincer Dodge Precision Hunting Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide Children of the Atom Expose Recipe Roundup SCAV! The Terrible Truce Fear the Knife King Mutant Fists of Stephie Knuckles Nuka Brahmin Stampede That No-Caps Rage Hot Rodder Flame Job Shark Paint Schemes! Hot Pink! La Coiffe Megaton Hair The Hornet's Nest Picket Fences The House of Tomorrow... Today! Modern Hearth! Essential Upgrades! Modern Lawn Care! Welcome Home! RobCo Fun Atomic Command Grognak the Barbarian Pip Fall Red Menace Zeta Invaders Taboo Tattoos 13 Anchor Eagle's Nest Skulls are Hip! Sailor Total Hack Control Robots Control Spotlights Control Turrets You're SPECIAL!

7.4.4. Bobbleheads Strength Perception Endurance Charisma Intelligence Agility Luck Barter Lock Picking Medicine Repair Science Sneak Speech Big Guns Energy Weapons Explosives Melee Small Guns Unarmed

7.4.5. All Variations of Each Base Weapon

7.4.6. Completed Power Armor Collection Raider Power Armor T-45 Variants Minutemen Railroad Brotherhood Flame Job Hot Pink Shark Paint T-51 Variants Minutemen Railroad Brotherhood Flame Job Hot Pink Shark Paint T-60 Variants Minutemen Railroad Brotherhood Flame Job Hot Pink Shark Paint X-01 Variants Minutemen Railroad Brotherhood Flame Job Hot Pink Shark Paint

7.5. All Companions Maxed Affinity with Power Armor and Weapons

7.5.1. Cait

7.5.2. Codsworth

7.5.3. Curie

7.5.4. Paladin Danse

7.5.5. Deacon

7.5.6. Dogmeat

7.5.7. John Hancock

7.5.8. Robert Joseph MacCready

7.5.9. Nick Valentine

7.5.10. Piper Wright

7.5.11. Preston Garvey

7.5.12. Strong

7.5.13. X6-88

7.5.14. Ada

7.5.15. Automatron

7.5.16. Old Longfellow

7.5.17. Porter Gage

7.6. Every Settlement Fully Developed

7.6.1. Red Rocket Truck Stop

7.6.2. Sanctuary Hills

7.6.3. Coastal Cottage

7.6.4. Group Manor

7.6.5. Hangman's Alley

7.6.6. Jamaica Plain

7.6.7. Kingsport Lighthouse

7.6.8. Murkwater Construction Site

7.6.9. Outpost Zimonja

7.6.10. Spectacle Island

7.6.11. Starlight Drive-In

7.6.12. Sunshine Tidings Co-op

7.6.13. Taffington Boathouse

7.6.14. The Castle

7.6.15. Abernathy Farm

7.6.16. Boston Airport

7.6.17. Bunker Hill

7.6.18. Covenant

7.6.19. County Crossing

7.6.20. Finch Farm

7.6.21. Graygarden

7.6.22. The Mechanist's Lair

7.6.23. Greentop Nursery

7.6.24. Nordhagen Beach

7.6.25. Oberland Station

7.6.26. Somerville Place

7.6.27. Tenpine's Bluff

7.6.28. The Slog

7.6.29. Vault 88

7.6.30. Warwick Homestead

7.6.31. Egret Tours Marina

7.6.32. Home Plate

7.7. All Frequencies Explored from SAT Towers

7.7.1. Gunner's Plaza

7.7.2. Outpost Zimonja

7.7.3. Radio Tower 3SM-U81

7.7.4. Relay Tower 0BB-915

7.7.5. Relay Tower 0DB-521

7.7.6. Relay Tower 0MC-810

7.7.7. Relay Tower 0SC-527

7.7.8. Relay Tower 1DL-109

7.7.9. WRVR Broadcast Station

8. Complete a Modded Playthrough