RWL Vision, Leadership, Communication

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RWL Vision, Leadership, Communication by Mind Map: RWL Vision, Leadership, Communication

1. Curriculum & Instruction

1.1. Design

1.1.1. Team Who are the best people to revise and revise curriculum to incorporate RWL? People to include Curriculum review guidance

1.1.2. Outcomes Given our desired student outcomes, what learning standards should we use/align to? Designing learning experiences Assessing student performance

1.2. Implementation

1.2.1. How will we coordinate curricular change/implementation? Process recommendation Project planning tool List of RWL providers (e.g., PLTW)

2. Community Partners

2.1. Prospect partnerships

2.1.1. How do I know which partners are appropriate for my program? Virtual partners Local partners Community asset mapping Chamber of Commerce Other national partnership orgs Org library in Roadmap

2.2. Establish partnerships

2.2.1. How do I make contact with partners? Student-facing collaborators Financial supporters

2.3. Sustain partnerships

2.3.1. How do I maintain healthy relationships with partners? Data management Partner recognition/appreciation

3. Evaluation

3.1. Design + facilitation

3.1.1. How do we know if the RWL we’re implementing is high-quality? HQ RWL rubric

3.2. Success measures

3.2.1. How can we tell if students are achieving our desired outcomes? Alignment to student outcomes frameworks

3.2.2. How can we tell if teachers’ instructional practice is improving? ???

3.3. Improvement

3.3.1. How can we learn about teacher, student, and partner satisfaction? Student survey Teacher survey Partner survey

4. Professional Learning

4.1. PLC modules

4.1.1. How can we develop our teachers’ understanding of and ability to implement high-quality RWL? Module 1:Intro to RWL Module 2: Developing partnerships Module 3: Co-designing curriculum

4.2. DP micro-credentials

4.2.1. How can we recognize and reward teachers’ mastery of RWL-related skill sets? CAPS Network micro-credentials

4.3. Teacher externship

4.3.1. How can we develop our teachers’ career awareness? School-year externship Summer externship Teacher on Special Assignment

5. Budget & Logistics

5.1. Spending

5.1.1. What resources will we need to support a high-quality RWL program? Materials Technology 1:1 Connectivity Transportation District buses Public transit Staff Broker CTE coordinator N/A

5.2. Funding

5.2.1. What resources are out there to help me learn more about funding? CTE funding State funding(?) Philanthropic funding Community/biz funding

6. Legislation & Policies

6.1. State Legislation

6.1.1. What state or local legislation impacts RWL funding and implementation? Graduation requirements ???

6.2. School/district policies

6.2.1. What school and district policies will impact/be impacted by our RWL vision? Safety Privacy Data