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1. 1. What is SEO?

1.1. 1.1 Google

1.1.1. 1: What does Google do? GOOGLE FOLLOW LINK crawler ( or Spider Or Bot) index algorithm

1.1.2. 2. Google Search Result Page consist of filter result Advertised or sponsored result Organic results

1.2. 1.2. Holistic SEO

1.2.1. google and holistic seo best seo strategy google opinion for best holistic seo strategy Factor Ranking Google On Page Off Page Aspect Holistic Seo black hat seo / scorth earht tactics Prefer Sustainable SEO Keep User In Mind

1.2.2. 1.3.exploring holistic SEO site stucture Technical excellence Fix 404 Error Maintenance Page Site Speed Great Contents

1.3. 1.3. SEO PLUGIN

1.3.1. Free version features keywords analisis Readability analysis Snnipet Preview bread crumbs canonical link

1.3.2. premium version features 24/7 support set up question problem encounter Social previews Related key pharases ( feed Back) the purpose words form recognation singulars prulars comparatives posesives different tenses Synonims support intenal llinks sugesstion content posted real time post insight to your contents compare words used with key phrases used redirect manager old url new url ads free no backend site used for ads

1.3.3. what seo yoast can't do all human efforts should do helps by seo plugin features

2. 2. Content of seo

2.1. 2.1 Keywords research

2.1.1. 2.1.1 What is keywords Keywords keywords stuffing Words keywords methods on page and off page google clues Audience Search terms

2.1.2. 2.1.2 What is keywords research research strategy website / company audience competitor

2.1.3. 2.1.3 Focus keyphrases yoast plugins evaluate focus keywords search engine recognize yoast seo features

2.2. 2.2. copy writing

2.2.1. 2.2.1.The importance of great content user experiences 1. Your message will come across better. 2. A lower bounce rate 3. More trust 4. More (social media) attention positive seo key aspect user experiences

2.2.2. 2.2.2.The elements of great content 1. Content should be original 2. Content should be readable 3. Content should be findable.

2.2.3. 2.2.3. Readability and the Yoast SEO plugin content must well text structure readability elements the importence Focus on your audience Scannable texts Google’s ranking algorithm Voice search readability analysis in Yoast SEO Readability checks

2.3. 2.3 Site sturcture

2.3.1. 2.3.1. The sturcture of your website the importance of site structures Importance for usability Importance for SEO / findability

2.3.2. 2.3.2. Cornerstone content and the Yoast SEO plugin elements of cornerstone article lenghty timeless regulary updates informative importent of cornerstone contens tackle competitive search terms articles choosen must be indicates to google Succesfull cornerstone approach 1. lenghtly 1. prominent place in site structures TOols in YOAST SEO Text Link Counter Corner stone contents analysis Internal linking suggestion

3. 3. Technical Seo

3.1. 3.1. Crawability

3.1.1. 3.1.2. Crawlability and the Yoast SEO plugin plugin does: Adding a noindex tag for different types of content Adding a noindex tag for specific posts or pages Editing the robots.txt file Check your indexability Google Search Console

3.1.2. 3.1.1 What is crawlability? UNBLOCK able Pages which has no traffic pages with blocked purpose element to prevent Google from crawling your site? 1. The robots.txt file 2. The HTTP header 3. Robots meta tags

3.2. 3.2. Rich result

3.2.1. 3.2.1. What is structured data? mark up structure data json.ld

3.2.2. 3.2.2. Yoast structured data blocks yoast mark up tools rich results

3.2.3. KInd of rich results 1.Rich snippet title Meta tags Linked slug 2. Rich cards Mobile version friendly 3. Knowledge Graphs kind of rich snippet which on Google's consideration

4. Google Search Console

4.1. Kinerja / performance

4.1.1. 1.query 2. page . 3.Country 4. feature results Total Klik Total Click counted by Audiences search query Posisi rata rata Posisi rata rata tertinggi hasil penelusuran Total Tayangan / Impression hyperlink count as an impresion feature result impact on impresion count CTR rata rata presentase hasil tayangan yang di klik

4.1.2. Filter feature Dapat melihat perbandingan dari filter telah di setting

4.2. inspeksi halaman

4.2.1. informasi specific page setelah di index 1. Error AMP 2. Error Structure data 3. Masalah pengIndeksan / Cakupan Indeks

4.2.2. tugas utama 1. Lihat status Indeks saat ini Contoh laporan status 2. minta pengindeksan url 3. Lihat versi halaman yang di tampilkan menampilkan hasil screenshot url aktif yg di indeks googlebot 4. Lihat daftar resource yang dimuat, output JavaScript, dan informasi lainnya


4.3.1. Isi Laporan 1. Kesalahan 2. Validasi peringatan 3. Valid 4. Dikecualikan contoh laporan


4.4.1. jenis file/format 1. XML Sitemap 2. RSS/ATOM 3. TEXT 4. Situs Google