Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation by Mind Map: Digital Transformation

1. Internal

1.1. Marketing 3.0

1.1.1. Case Study To Check what projects to start with

1.1.2. Andrew Content Curation Strategy VideoTemplate Podcast GenericTemplates SocialMedia

1.2. Knowledge Management

1.2.1. Project Workspace

1.2.2. LunchAndLearn June: DigitalizationAndMapProgramme July: AR/VR CoE July: Andrew : Marketing 4.0 Aug: Vizualization Sep: PredictiveAnalytics: MachineLearning

1.3. Connectivity

1.3.1. Brainer App 1.0 Who is who Skills Content 2.0 Detailed Bio Viral Marketing for Linkedin Client Discussion 3.0 Salesforce Integration

1.4. SingaporeCoEDevelopment

1.4.1. Finance EDB_Grant

1.4.2. Focus Digitalization SupplyChain EnergyEffeciency IEA Workshop

1.4.3. Team

1.5. DigitalCapability

1.5.1. InsightTeam RemoteMonitoring

1.5.2. VR & AR CoE TrainingAndWorkforceDevelopment

1.5.3. MAP Templates Sample Video

1.6. Digital Solutions: xIndustry Collaboration

1.6.1. Who is who

1.6.2. Push for more web content on Digital Proposition

1.6.3. Reference list on Digital

1.6.4. ResponsibleAI: Principal

1.7. Digitalization Strategy for Energy

2. External

2.1. PR

2.1.1. Magazine Wired UK McLaren Story GreenHydrogen Pulse: AI

2.1.2. Initiatives WorkforceDevelopment Andrew

2.1.3. Work Visibility YouTube KBR Energy Consulting Podcast CopyModel GreenHydrogen SocialMedia Linkedin

2.1.4. New Markets Certification Authority (Blockchain) AuditCompletionCertificate Individual Smart Credential Smart_Resourcing_Recruitment_Retention GovernmentServices JapanRegulatorySandbox Talent GreenHydrogen

2.2. Connectivity

2.2.1. CEOConnect (Brainer Twin)

2.3. Partnership

2.3.1. AccessToCapability Riddle&Code Sensors McLaren Visualization Amazon SmartWarehousing SymphonyAI PredictiveAnalyticsAndMaintenance Igen+ Dashboarding

2.3.2. AcessToSpeedAndAgility Blog | infoeaze 24hrDesignTurnaround RapidSoftwareDevelopment RapidProtoType

2.3.3. AccessToImplementaionAndOperations HCL Chennai(India) Global

2.4. Consulting

2.4.1. SAMREF

2.5. Fuding

2.5.1. Alan Turing Institute UK-Japan Robotics and AI Research Collaboration Workshops

2.6. University

2.6.1. UCL CyberSecurity

2.6.2. IIT India Blockchain

2.6.3. Cambridge ConsultingResource