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Dasasa.vn by Mind Map: Dasasa.vn

1. The entrepreneurial mindset

1.1. Actions from thoughts, combined with available resources to create opportunities (Naumann, 2017)

1.2. There is a necessity-driven entrepreneur when no better choice than starting a business in low-achieving societies (Frederick et al., 2018).

1.3. Entrepreneurs are ahead of financial, career, social and wellbeing risks (Frederick et al., 2018)

2. Potential moral situations

2.1. Food safety

2.2. Natural seafood source protection

2.3. CSR increase competitive advantage for online businesses (Bartok, 2018)

3. Huynh’s Venture Process

3.1. "minipreneur" is entrepreneurs choose small-scale business and often via the Internet (Frederick et al., 2018).

4. Innovation and success

4.1. Online business forms has been considered an innovation in the seafood retail industry in Vietnam (Huynh, 2019)

4.2. Knowledge sharing such as tips of choosing seafood and cooking recipes. (Huynh, 2019)

5. Evaluating Opportunities

5.1. The process of finding opportunities for businesses takes place from many stages from discovering, generating to recognizing (Frederick et al., 2018)

5.2. Social networks also play an important role in finding opportunities for entrepreneurs (Olanrewaju et al, 2018)

6. Marketing strategies

6.1. Digital marketing is inherently a marketing channel that can reach customers worldwide (Berman et al., 2017)

6.2. Bitner (1992) considers that the atmosphere of the store will trigger customers' emotions, perceptions and views in different formats.

6.3. Discount strategies help increase sales (Berman et al., 2017)

6.4. I has chosen to build a personal brand and customer trust as a marketing strategy (Huynh, 2019).

7. Laws and regulations

7.1. I need to consider documents and requirements to register business (Huynh, 2019)

7.2. Environmental protection laws were issued by governments in Asia - Pacific region (Frederick et al., 2018)

8. Strategies and business plan

8.1. Diversification strategy is when entrepreneurs want to develop new products in new markets (Frederick et al., 2018)

8.2. Huynh has a long-term plan for “himself” but Huynh's long-term plan for “Dasasa.vn” still has a lot of unreasonable points.

8.2.1. He has not really determined what he wants to sell as seafood products or selling his personal image.

9. Financial source

9.1. This is a source of capital from "informal investors", which is not derived from banks or investment funds (Frederick et al., 2018).