LS3: Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

Rachel Gonzalez Life Science Concept Map

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LS3: Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits by Mind Map: LS3: Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

1. LS3.A: Inheritance of Traits

1.1. From Parents

1.1.1. The information passed from parents to offspring is coded in the DNA molecules that form the chromosomes.

1.2. Half given by the sperm and half by the egg.

1.3. Viable mutations are inherited

1.4. Chromosome

1.4.1. DNA Nucleotide RNA Turns into protein Regulatory Functions Structure Functions

1.4.2. Genes Contains two sets of variants for many distinct genes Controls a protein that directly effects the individual Ex: Hair, Skin, eye color Individuals within a species have similar but not identical genes

1.4.3. In all organisms the genetic instructions for forming species’ characteristics are carried out.

1.4.4. DNA Molecule

2. LS3.B: Variation of Traits

2.1. Genetic Factors

2.1.1. variations in traits between parent and offspring

2.1.2. particular set of chromosomes inherited

2.1.3. with each parent contributing half of each chromosome pair

2.1.4. Meiosis (Cell Division)

2.2. Environmental Factors

2.2.1. can modify an individual’s specific appearance behavior likelihood of producing offspring development

2.2.2. Cause Mutations

2.3. Possible Mutations

2.3.1. mutations may result in changes to the structure and function of proteins.

2.3.2. Some changes are beneficial

2.3.3. others harmful

2.3.4. some neutral to the organism

2.4. Variation and Distribution