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Mobile Translators by Mind Map: Mobile Translators

1. Yandex.Translate

1.1. Android

1.2. Free

1.3. Multilingual

1.4. Simultaneous translation; language definition; hints and simplified input; translation of words and text from the clipboard; activate offline mode.

1.4.1. 147 MB

1.5. 147 MB

2. Google Translate

2.1. Androd

2.2. Free

2.3. Multilingual

2.4. 100 text translation directions; recognition of text from a picture or camera and the possibility of its translation into 26 languages; two-way translation of voice messages in 40 languages; text-to-speech and recognition of the text produced on the microphone; handwriting text when drawing on the screen; selective loading of language extensions; add words to favorites; saving translations for later use offline.

2.5. 129 MB

3. iTranslate

3.1. Android, iOS

3.2. Free

3.3. Multilingual

3.4. 90 translation directions; voicing the translated text in a male / female voice; the ability to select different regions for the selected translation language; built-in dictionary; base of synonyms and extended articles for each word; transliteration; translation history; sending translations to other users and posting in the social network.

3.5. 134 MB


4.1. Android

4.2. 2.81 $

4.3. Multilingual

4.4. Integrated translation; the ability to transfer from any open application to the Android OS. Mobile translation; electronic dictionary; phrasebook; selection of topics for translation.

4.5. 139 MB

5. Babylon

5.1. Android

5.2. 15.9 $

5.3. Multilingual

5.4. Good translation quality of terms; transcription; pronunciation of words.

5.5. 100 MB