SLC Academy pitch deck

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SLC Academy pitch deck by Mind Map: SLC Academy pitch deck

1. Value proposition

1.1. What is SLC Academy?

1.1.1. English boarding school

1.2. Why it is valuable?

1.2.1. Meet the targeted English score you need

1.3. How is it different?

1.3.1. Intensive and interactive learning

2. Investment thesis

2.1. SLC has a strong network of agents in nation-wide

2.2. Young and dedicated founding team

2.3. Local knowledge on legal, politics & market entrance

2.4. An ecosystem of student supporting services (SLC, SLC Center)

2.5. Market niche - students in provinces having no quality English centres, families with middle and high income

2.6. Students in provinces are massive and the main target group

2.7. The venue is suitable for a wide variety of programs (boarding schools, 1-day camp, pathway program, diploma, etc.)

2.8. Other than English, students will be equipped with essential soft skills & study skills to be successful in international environments.

2.9. Redefine the concept of high quality English teaching and learning

3. Revenue streams

3.1. 15% from Leasing

3.1.1. KATA

3.1.2. Other event hosting companies

3.2. 85% from ESL & IELTS programs

3.2.1. Accommodation services

3.2.2. Tuition fee

4. Market opportunity

4.1. Target customer segment

4.1.1. Wealthy families

4.1.2. Living in provinces other Hanoi, HCM, Da Nang

4.1.3. Plan to send children to study abroad

4.2. Pain point

4.2.1. Students in provinces don't have access to good English centers

4.2.2. Public schools in provinces are not delivering comprehensive English The use of practical English Soft skills & study skills Quantify & track progress on skill set Competence-based training

4.2.3. 1st option Send children to big cities (Eg. Hanoi) Buy/rent home Study in English centers Cons Hard to manage their kids Take longer time to get the targeted score Pros Better quality than in their hometown

4.2.4. 2nd option Send children abroad to learn English Philippines Destination country Homestay Cons Expensive Hard to manage children Pros The most effective

4.3. Problem

4.3.1. Market niche of target customer segment

4.3.2. Gap that public schools has created

5. Product

5.1. IELTS Guarantee

5.1.1. 80% Intensive study 9 hours/day 4 hrs class 1:1 3 hrs big group class 2 hrs guided review class Incorporate with study skills Minimum 8 weeks

5.1.2. 20% Essential skills training 1 hr/day Intercultural communication International etiquette

5.1.3. Target customers From 15 yrs old Have a near plan of studying abroad Quickly get the target score Immerse in English speaking environment

5.2. Pre-IELTS/ESL

5.2.1. 60% intensive study 6 hours/day 4 hrs class 1:1 2 hrs 1:8 group class

5.2.2. 20% Essential skills training Ideation (Innovation of Innovation Self-learning & motivation 1 hr/day

5.2.3. 20% Presentation & Debate skills 1 hr/day

5.2.4. Target customers From 7 yrs old Having far future plan of studying abroad Want to immerse in English speaking environment Parents Middle to high income Want to keep an eye on children Want children to get accustomed to different environment

5.3. International education replicate environment

5.3.1. ESL & IELTS

5.3.2. Immersion in International universities in Vietnam (Eg. BUV, RMIT)

5.3.3. Soft skills training

5.3.4. Study skills training

5.3.5. Scouting

5.3.6. Symposium for student “TED” talks

5.3.7. Experiential learning via real life conversation & debate

5.3.8. Long-term effect

5.3.9. Quantify result

5.4. Approach

6. Check-list

6.1. Design

6.2. Content Quality

6.2.1. Showing, not telling

6.2.2. Data, data, data

6.2.3. Concept-driven

6.2.4. Highlighting revenue and growth

6.2.5. Product-market fit is key

6.2.6. Clearly state where the business started, where we are currently, and where we are going in the future

7. Analogy

7.1. Old model

7.1.1. English centers Apolo British Council Language Links

7.2. Role model

7.2.1. Philippines boarding schools CIEC

7.2.2. Vietnam homestay & English center Plateau English English bootcamp/IELTS/ESL Strength Weakness

8. Risk factors & solutions

8.1. Risk factors

8.1.1. Economic crisis

8.1.2. Competitor dominant

8.2. Scenarios

9. Competitive advantages

9.1. Business strategy

9.1.1. Partner with International universities

9.1.2. Provide English, learning skills & soft skills

9.2. Growth strategy

9.2.1. Approach agents in emerging provinces in Northern Vietnam (Quang Ninh, Yen Bai, Hai Phong, Vinh Phuc)

10. Human resources

10.1. Team leaders

10.1.1. Linh Truong

10.1.2. Eric Ha

10.2. Board of advisors

10.2.1. Maddi Pham

10.2.2. Huynh Phuc - Teach for Vietnam

10.2.3. Hieu Le - Vin Uni

11. Proposed financing

11.1. 20% share

11.2. Equivalent to $50k