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Local News by Mind Map: Local News

1. Infrastructure needed to be built

1.1. Infrastructure costs money

1.2. 5G won't be widely available until then

1.3. Will rely on Wi-Fi 6 heavily until it releases

1.3.1. To an extent will always rely on each other

1.3.2. Complement each other with OpenRoaming

1.3.3. 5G building penetration poor on some bands, but can connect to Wi-Fi 6

2. Consistent network experience

3. Spectrum Bands

3.1. Low-band

3.1.1. Sub 1GHz spectrum Great coverage area and penetration But peak speeds are 100Mbps

3.2. Mid-band

3.2.1. Faster cover/lower latency than low band Weaker penetration into buildings Speeds up to 1Gbps

3.3. High-band

3.3.1. Only band LTE doesn't operate on Weak coverage area Poor penetration

4. ATSC 3.0

4.1. Enhanced audio/visual experience.

4.1.1. 2160p 4K @ 120fps

4.2. Advanced emergency alert system

4.2.1. Value to community

4.3. Personalized advertising

4.3.1. Real time data feedback Bolstered by 5G and Wi-Fi 6.

4.3.2. Real time audience measurement for programming Advertisers able to buy specific audiences with more confidence

4.4. Interactive capabilities

4.4.1. Ads

4.4.2. Become more engaged with viewers

4.5. Superior mobile reception

4.5.1. Broadcast/Broadband integration. 5G/Wi-Fi 6.

4.6. Relies on technology built to work with it

4.6.1. Companies making devices able to receive OTA signals

4.6.2. Needs 5G and Wi-Fi 6 support

5. 5G

5.1. Small cells

5.1.1. Low-power base station covers small geographic area Carriers improve coverage area

5.2. Speed

5.2.1. 20 times faster than 4G

6. Wifi 6

6.1. Reliability

6.1.1. Seamless experience

6.2. Capacity

6.2.1. More data to more clients than ever before

6.3. Bandwith

6.3.1. Speeds 4 times faster than previous Wi-Fi

6.4. Enhanced features

6.4.1. Battery efficiency in devices

6.4.2. Better Wi-Fi coverage

6.4.3. 2.4 GHz support Internet of Things devices Autonomous vehicles Public safety Infrastructure Home devices Last upgrade was 10 years ago

6.5. Limited range

6.5.1. Complemented by 5G

6.5.2. Bolsters 5G signals coming in

6.5.3. OpenRoaming Seamless transition between 5G and Wi-Fi 6 Helps penetration issues of 5G Helps range issues of Wi-Fi 6

7. Nutty News

7.1. Reliable

7.1.1. Content distributed across any and all platforms

7.1.2. Utilizing technology to make streaming seamless ATSC 3.0 Distribute highest quality video and audio ever.

7.1.3. Tiers of service Free General news stories are always free to the public. Supported by ad revenue Free digital newspaper Basic Same as free but with more local event coverage Elite Ad free

7.2. Responsible

7.2.1. Goal is to inform and entertain with factual coverage not driven by advertiser desires.

7.3. Real

7.3.1. Staff is comprised of locals from the community they serve We want audience interaction with talent Talent must have a stake in the community they report on News that's for the public by the public

7.4. Production/Post Production

7.4.1. Pixellot Offers panoramic view Can tap into this to create multiple camera angles all at once with one camera Up to 8K resolution Can be mounted in studio or field. Studio mount removes need for any other system in studio AI Tracks motion and creates shots Can automatically make edits Can be used to get multiple camera angles out of one single camera Will mean we displace an industry and many jobs in it Drone Eliminate need for helicopters Can own these Pilots don't need to be anywhere near site. Possible FCC regulations Will eliminate the need for large crews at any event Operators work hand in hand with AI Use AI to simplify tasks that are typically time consuming for a human Let the AI be creative but acknowledge the need for human creativity Distribution