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QuickSource by Mind Map: QuickSource

1. Structure

1.1. Candidate Tract (CT)

1.1.1. These Tracts can be customised based on Clients hiring process. Client will define the different CT (minimum 2 and Maximum 10) based on the subscription agreement. Client will self serve on the movement of Candidates' progression with the CT up to Hiring and On-Boarding. Example Sourced Applied Phone Screen Presented Phone Screen 1st Interview Technical Assesment Team Based Interview 2nd Interview Nth Interview Agreed to Hire HR Offer On-Boarded

1.2. Documentation

1.2.1. QuickSource will handle the documentation for the various Agreements between the parties involved. 1) TOB between QuickSOurce and Client 2) Employment Contract between QuickSpurce and Candidate 3) Optional - Employment Contract between Client and Candidate Integration with DocuSign

1.3. Client Registration

1.3.1. Client's information that will be used by the QuickSource. Company Name Company Address Type of Business Company Summary This summary will be made available for JO Header for Candidates. Contact person Name Designation eMail Phone

1.4. Candidate Registration

1.4.1. Candidate will create profile in QuickSource and update relevant information relating to Resume/CV. Integration with LinkedIn Integration with Google Import Resume / CV Parsing of Resume to extract information required for QuickSource

1.5. Subscription and Billing

1.5.1. View of subscription level and the various access given based on the level of subscription by Clients Payment gateway

1.6. Reporting

1.6.1. Candidate Analytics

1.6.2. JO Analytics

1.6.3. TSA Analytics

1.6.4. Job Portal Analytics Analysis of effectiveness by Job sites based on number of HITs (Job applications).

1.7. Communication Center

1.7.1. Notification

1.7.2. Inbox Integration to eMails O365 Google

1.8. Integration to Job Portals

1.8.1. Applications made by candidates

1.8.2. JO publishing

2. Subscription model for candidate sourcing services. The price will be tiered based on the number of "Open (JO) Job Order" at any given time. Client will have access to the Candidate Tract (CT) for each of the JO. Client will be presented with Candidates that matches the requirements (min 60%) based on the Job Description (JD) and Skill Specifications (SS). Client will self service the CT until the point of hire, where they will be presented with Options of employment (Direct/Contracting).

2.1. Functionality

2.1.1. Usage New Hire Posting of Job Order Review QuickSource Candidates Shortlisting Interview Employment Documentation Current Hire Manage contract Documentation Notification

2.1.2. Job Publishing Integration to Job Portals Free Paid