Your Life (

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Your Life ( by Mind Map: Your Life (

1. Relationships

1.1. Family

1.1.1. Parenting Children Teenagers

1.2. Friends

1.3. Colleagues and Acquantances

1.4. Love and Partners

1.4.1. Dating

1.4.2. Relationships

1.4.3. Breakups

1.4.4. Marriage

1.4.5. Intimacy/sex Do you find sex easy to talk about? No/Yes Creating intimacy in relationships Sexuality and Nutrition Polarity between masculine and feminine Self love Self-play Tantra Sexuality vs sex Fetishes Sub/Dom Cycles Cycles

2. Health

2.1. Physical

2.1.1. Nutrition Overview Micronutrients Macronutrients Protein Carbohydrates Fats

2.1.2. Activity/Fitness

2.1.3. Women's Health Cycles Your mind Your body Your emotions Hormonal Balance PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Observing your sexuality through your cycle Sharing What happens during this process Tools Myths

2.1.4. Men's Health

2.2. Mental

2.2.1. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

2.2.2. Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

2.3. Spiritual

2.3.1. Purpose

2.3.2. Religion/Belief

3. Productivity

3.1. Knowledge

3.1.1. Learning styles Visual Auditory Reading/Writing Kinesthetic

3.2. Execution

3.2.1. Plan

3.2.2. Prioritize

3.2.3. Begin

3.2.4. Collect and analyze data

3.2.5. Adjust course

3.3. Money and Finance

3.4. Earning Styles

3.4.1. Employment

3.4.2. Self Employed

3.4.3. Business Ideation Start Up Scale Up Growth Maintenance Exit/Decline

3.4.4. Investor

4. Happiness

4.1. Recreation

4.2. Fullfilment

4.3. Rest, relaxation, restoration

5. Life Skills

5.1. Finance

5.2. People

5.3. Food

5.4. Work

5.5. Movement

5.6. Health

5.7. Time

6. Capacity Creation

6.1. Modules

6.1.1. Where are you now? Indulgent Fatigued Reserved Maximized

6.1.2. Here's what's possible Indulgent Learn how to say no with discernment and without guilt Fatigued Re-energize your life by re-prioritizing, scheduling recovery time, resigning from unfilling commitments Reserved Recognize the importance of pace, regain momentum, re-emerge refreshed and ready to re-commit. Maximized Increase your respect for capacity and prepare for a new level of high performance.

6.1.3. How do you want to live?

6.1.4. Here's how Identify which of the Four States of Capacity you reside Map out your current capacity Deconstruct your commitment habits Egocake - "Framework that deconstructs your commitment habits, indulgent tendencies such as; impulsive decisions, purchases; how you say yes too much; or take on too many obligations" Making Time List Capacity Elasticity Audit your distractions Land of distractions Devote your focus to rediscovering your top 3 roles 3x3 Formula Resign in order to create capacity Egocake Making Time List Create awareness for what you really want to do Re-commit to what drives you Capacity ROI Re-mapping your capacity Capacity Spectrum Bonus material: Distractions Multitasking Overcommitment Decision making patterns Optimization Goal oriented mindset Self care Self Awareness

6.2. Time Management vs Capacity Creation

6.3. Task Management vs Pursuit of Passion

6.4. Mindset

6.4.1. Making time vs Creating time Making Creating