Identify changes to move towards 70/20/10

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Identify changes to move towards 70/20/10 by Mind Map: Identify changes to move towards 70/20/10

1. how do advisors transition from life to wealth conversations, as our programs transitions from life to wealth?

2. survey f2f participants, what are they doing now?

2.1. connect with advisors post training, 3 to 6 months.

2.2. build informal feedback interview into f2f

3. leverage sales coaches to conduct surveys to participants (post training). connect with model agency managers.

4. Marla will draft questions based on Kirkpatrick methodology and resources

4.1. add a questions that identify target audience (A1Ts vs A1s, contract advisors etc...)

5. collaborate with other tracks that have conducted surveys, and ask them what they would have asked differently

6. reach out to learners, determine if there is a gap in navigating to and locating resources

6.1. do learners know where to access tools/resources etc...

7. What is not working? What are the gaps?

8. recommendations: shorten virtual training, add extra days in f2f to support situational based training

8.1. there is a gap with situational based training, which include life related conversations

8.1.1. why do advisors feel that they learn better in the f2f program?

9. what is not working?

10. LMS constraints?

11. recommendation of future state - yammer discussion groups for learners post training. Discussion board will require internal management

12. Life and Wealth proficiency paths, basic to advanced knowledge, A1Ts and A1s

13. Utilize MSTeam to curate wealth content - connect with Maria A for support, her area of expertise

14. leverage platinum wealth club to determine producers at each levels, and identify progression from silver level to platinum