Single Income Earners that are discontent with their housing.

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Single Income Earners that are discontent with their housing. by Mind Map: Single Income Earners that are discontent with their housing.

1. Discrimination affects peoples ability to find and remain in quality rental housing.

1.1. Single Mothers unfairly treated

1.2. Racism at the hand of the Landlord.

1.3. Low socioeconomic status.

1.4. Relationship failures are considered

1.5. Inequality

2. Community Living affects housing decisions

2.1. Community efforts to reduce economic burden.

2.2. Community Living to manage finances

2.3. Community Living creates its own challenges.

2.4. Neighborhood connections is a factor in desired housing

2.5. Promotes safety and sense of belonging

3. Current Housing Market Impacts Living situations.

3.1. Prices are too high in Auckland

3.2. Competition increases demand

3.3. Poor accommodation options

3.4. Prices pushes people out of Auckland

3.5. Low quality houses are too expensive

3.6. Too much requirements for quality housing.

4. Housing situations forces people to live in shared accomodation.

4.1. Clash in lifestyles

4.2. Limited space

4.3. Lack of privacy

4.4. Low quality apartments

4.4.1. Limited space

4.5. Due to lack of kitchen facilities, have no control over your own meals.

4.5.1. Portable options for cooking

4.5.2. Food trailer/caravan

4.5.3. Communal Kitchen

4.5.4. Outdoor cooking options

4.5.5. Scheduling APP

4.6. Limited choice of housing, settle for flatting

5. Users that are mostly affected

5.1. Renters

5.2. Low income earners

5.3. Single

5.4. Divorced

5.5. Seperated

6. Family Relationships affect housing decisions

6.1. Crowded homes created family drama

6.2. Having own family space away from other families is important.

6.3. Family values determine housing situations

6.4. Home is not attached to a house but where family is.

6.5. Childhood memories affect housing choices.

7. Safety Environment is a key factor in desired housing.

7.1. Safe places are expensive

7.2. Unsafe since christchurch attack

7.3. Safety is essential